GTA 6 gameplay features revealed by leaks

GTA 6 gameplay features revealed by leaks

GTA 6 gameplay features revealed by leaks

GTA 6 gameplay features revealed by leaks (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The massive GTA 6 leak is still fresh in the minds of many fans who are constantly analyzing everything revealed from the early build videos. Moreover, all the new gameplay mechanics featured in these videos made gamers all around the world even more excited for the official release of this new title.

But as there were over 90 leaked gameplay videos showcasing a variety of features in the upcoming game, it might be hard for some players to recognize which features are the most impressive.

This article ranks 5 of the best gameplay features revealed in the massive GTA 6 leak.

The most fascinating and intriguing features of GTA 6

5) Detailed Interiors GTA 6

GTA 6 will, without a doubt, have more accessible interior locations for players to explore than any of their previous games. This was the most common complaint about GTA 5, as there were not enough areas for players to enter, therefore Rockstar Games will surely appease players with this future title.

Also, by looking at the robbery clip from the leaked videos, players can notice how realistic the diner looked. From the tables to even the floor tiles appeared realistic, especially in their design. From this, players can expect to encounter many more intricately designed interior environments during the gameplay.

4) Immersive animation

Animations for both GTA 6’s playable characters and NPCs have been improved. The physical reactions of the characters now feel more real and immersive. During the robbery clip, viewers can clearly see how NPCs were bracing themselves during shootouts.

There were also animations related to “Overdose”, presumably referencing some sort of a drug overdose and horse riding. This just means that different types of animations are going to be injected into the gameplay to make everything more vibrant and real.

Furthermore, animations for going prone are shown as something players can do themselves and are not just relegated to NPCs, thus, these new animations will surely make the gameplay more engaging.

3) RPG elements

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been hailed as one of the best Grand Theft Auto titles and for many players, this is because of how many detailed RPG elements this installment introduces to gamers.

Since then, players have been waiting for another Grand Theft Auto game that will do this, and fortunately, Grand Theft Auto 6 might fulfill this wish.

In the leaked video, it was revealed that RPG elements such as eating food, staying hydrated, getting fatigued, taming animals, and even sweating will be actively featured and players will have to control and manipulate these aspects of their character.

These RPG elements will make the gameplay more entertaining and dynamic, and also help in creating immersive characters with a high degree of personalization.

GTA 6 gameplay features revealed by leaks

4) Female Protagonist in GTA 6

Playing as a female character was something that the majority of players in the Grand Theft Auto community were waiting for, and now with the leaked videos shared all over the internet, players are finally able to witness the first major female playable character created by Rockstar Games in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Moreover, playing as a male character was getting pretty stale for many players who were looking for variety in their main characters, so having a female character to play as and seeing the story unfold through her eyes would be an interesting and different experience.

1) The dialog system

The dialog system from Red Dead Redemption 2 was highly acclaimed by both fans and critics alike, and Rockstar Games decided to implement it in GTA 6.

Players will now be able to greet, threaten and rob NPCs as seen through the robbery clip from the leaked footage. This could also mean that Rockstar Games will introduce a deeper and even more expansive version of this dialog system from RDR 2.

Additionally, based on NPC conversations from the leaked footage, the writing still has that GTA humor recognized and loved by fans. This quality combined with RDR 2’s dialog system would be amazing to experience.

GTA 6 gameplay features revealed by leaks

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