GTA 6 Hacker Received 2.2 Bitcoin’s to Leak the Game Source Code?

GTA 6 Hacker Received 2.2 Bitcoin’s to Leak the Game Source Code?

GTA 6 hacker

The GTA 6 hacker is back in the conversation again (Images via GTA RP Servers)

The gaming world went into a tizzy after a hacker broke into Rockstar Games systems’ and leaked 90 gameplay videos on Reddit. Rockstar Games confirmed they were hacked and tweeted they are in touch with the authorities to nab the bad actor.


Ben has been instrumental in providing new updates on the GTA 6 hacker

The police arrested a 17-year-old boy in London in connection to the hack. It is reported that he previously broke into Uber systems too. Rumors about GTA game production are nothing new but new speculation is doing the rounds on social media that the GTA 6 hacker received 2.2 Bitcoins or $100,000 to purchase the data.

Ben revealed that he was contacted by another prominent GTA informer, Tez2, who discussed how such information about transactions by the hacker might have been fabricated. Tez2 pointed out that several online scammers eagerly await an opportunity to make the most of the ambiguity. Ben then tweeted:

In this tweet, Ben mentioned that fake blockchain transactions were happening in connection with the leak. He advised everyone to steer clear of engaging with any such proposition.

Furthermore, the rumors claim that such a transaction allegedly happened in the days following the leak. Oddly, such rumors are circulating after authorities have already intervened. Ben provided another significant update on this matter, saying:

This tweet clearly shows that most, if not all, accounts claiming to be hackers are fake. These are scammers trying to bait unsuspecting players and content creators into falling for the trap. Such scammers take great pains to ensure their claim looks legitimate.

Additionally, many followers of the matter looked into the Telegram account of the supposed hacker where this transaction was being made. They all found that the account was not authentic.

According to TechBallad, Bitcoin Explorer Mempool Space determined that the bitcoin wallet address “Bc1q5ctpkgan2npcwwsq9esvuq2fzne3m6qd8he7c5” was fake. The website is linked to several scams and holds $96,690 from six separate transactions. Hence, it can be assumed that the GTA 6 hacker did not sell the leaked data for 2.2 bitcoin.

Pending official information regarding the arrested individual, the community is waiting in anticipation. Regardless, players should steer clear of any proposition from self-proclaimed hackers online.

GTA 6 hacker was allegedly offered 2.2 bitcoin for leak

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