GTA 6 insider shares details about alleged Caribbean map

GTA 6 insider shares details about alleged Caribbean map

GTA 6 insider shares details about alleged Caribbean map

How big will the map be in the next game? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

A recent report from a popular insider claims that GTA 6 will supposedly feature multiple locations. The most unusual information from this report is that these locations will be kept separate, similar to how Cayo Perico and Los Santos have separate maps in GTA Online.

This rumor appears to be at odds with Jason Schreier’s Bloomberg report, which claimed that the upcoming game would only be concerned with Miami and its surrounding areas. However, a Caribbean map doesn’t seem too far-fetched, as the Bloomberg report stated that Rockstar originally planned to include locations from both North and South America.

GTA 6 insider shares details about alleged Caribbean map

New GTA 6 leak claims Carribean islands will be included in the game

According to Matheus Victor (@Matheusbr9895_), the Caribbean islands will exist in the game but will not be featured in the open-world environment.

He hasn’t discussed this in greater detail, which is why it’s currently unclear how this will be implemented in the game. However, he has stated that it’ll be as big as the one from Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2).

One possibility is that players will eventually find themselves in the Caribbean at some point in the game. This might allude to a chapter system like RDR2’s Guarma section, where players can spend a set amount of time on a particular map.

The second theory is that this different map could be akin to the island of Cayo Perico in GTA Online. It cannot be accessed normally, but it’s not restricted to a specific chapter in the storyline.

On the other hand, Jason Schreier’s report stated that the game will be regularly updated with content. This could indicate that a whole new map could be added to the game later on.

Other leaks by Matheus Victor

The likelihood that Vice City will serve as the setting for GTA 6 is almost unanimously acknowledged by both GTA gamers and well-known community insiders. Numerous leaks, both reliable and questionable, as well as some alleged teasers from Rockstar Games themselves, all seem to allude to this.

Matheus Victor has become renowned in the community ever since he started posting several purported leaks on Twitter. He revealed some details about the potential radio stations in the game, and then went on to even bigger details. These include the plot, storyline, and even the possible map for the upcoming title.

He revealed that there will be two playable characters in the game, one of whom will be a woman. This was recently reaffirmed by Jason Schreier’s Bloomberg report, which most fans are acquainted with by now.

This does not eliminate the need for skepticism regarding him or his information. As a result, fans should always be skeptical of any reports regarding GTA 6 until they have been officially confirmed by Rockstar.

GTA 6 insider shares details about alleged Caribbean map

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