GTA 6 leak seems to confirm game is set in Vice City

GTA 6 leak seems to confirm game is set in Vice City

GTA 6 leak seems to confirm game is set in Vice City

Vice City seems to be returning in the upcoming GTA 6 as suggested by recent leaks (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 leaks have been trending on social media since this morning, and it seems that the game is set in the beloved Vice City.

A collection of 90+ footage of GTA 6 has been leaked on GTAForums, showcasing different aspects of the game. These leaks include the weapon wheel and characters while confirming the possibility of it being set in the iconic and fan-requested Vice City map, which was last featured in GTA Vice Stories 16 years ago.

GTA 6 is set to take place in Vice City, as suggested by leaks

In one of the leaked gameplay videos, a male protagonist can be seen roaming around the metro-rail station. By looking closely, there’s a name for the rail, which reads as:

“Vice City Metro M….”

This confirms that footage has been leaked from a game set to take place in a city based in Miami, Vice City. In another video, a vehicle can be seen running on the highway and taking a turn for “Washington Beach.”

Washington Beach was previously an irregular district located in the southeastern region of Vice City. This further proves that the game is based in the same city fans have been asking for quite some time.

One of the leaked images showcases the cop vehicles in the game, bearing the “V.C.P.D.” initials on them. The V.C.P.D. stands for Vice City Police Department and was featured in both previous Vice City games.

All of this seems to be pointing in the same direction that the upcoming title will feature Vice City again. Moreover, a famous Bloomberg reporter has also confirmed the leaks to be true.

GTA 6 leak seems to confirm game is set in Vice City

Jason Schreier confirms GTA 6 leaks to be true

Jason Schreier tweeted earlier today, confirming all of the aforementioned GTA 6 leaks circulating on the internet to be true. In a tweet, he shared how much these lakes matched his July report where he reported the game to have two playable characters, including the series’ first Latina female protagonist.

GTA 6 leak seems to confirm game is set in Vice City

He stated the following in a tweet today:

“I just woke up and haven’t asked anyone yet but based on the scale hard to imagine it’s not real. Plus two protagonists and Vice City match what I reported earlier this year.”

He also shared his surprise in a second tweet by mentioning the events of things happening since he took paternity leave:

“I’ve been on paternity leave for less than a week and already we’ve seen Breath of the Wild 2 get a name, Toby Ziegler scream at Kratos, Suikoden return for the first time in ten years, and now the biggest leak in Rockstar’s history.”

In July, Jason Schreier reported that the game might feature a female Latina playable protagonist, along with the location to be none other than Vice City.

Fans are advised to take all these leaks with a pinch of salt, and the footage might not be related to the final product at all. With so many leaks on the internet today, players can expect Rockstar Games to showcase the game sooner or later.

GTA 6 leak seems to confirm game is set in Vice City

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