GTA 6 leaked map shows a glimpse of next Vice City

Alleged GTA 6 leaked map surfaces on the internet, shows a glimpse of next Vice City

GTA 6 leaked map shows a glimpse of next Vice City

An image of GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) alleged map has surfaced on the internet once again. The leak shows off a bird’s eye view of the map depicting a few buildings, roads, some greenery, and what might be a lake. While any official information hasn’t been provided by Rockstar Games yet, the next game is heavily rumored to be set in Vice City.

Prior to this, another image of the sequel’s alleged map got leaked online just a few months ago. Although the developers had hoped to prevent further leaks after September 2022’s unfortunate event, unofficial pieces of information continue to make their way to the internet.

An alleged GTA 6 map showing a glimpse of Vice City leaked on the internet

GTA 6 leaked map shows a glimpse of next Vice City

Twitter user @kyetweets posted the image of the alleged GTA 6 map in question. Rather than a complete map, the new leak focuses on a specific section of it. It features seemingly commercial as well as residential buildings, a network of roads, and lots of greenery.

To the extreme left is what looks like a part of a water body, probably a lake. As per various GTA 6 leaks, the game could take place in Vice City. However, there weren’t any lakes last time around this location in Grand Theft Auto Vice City or even in Vice City Stories.

Nevertheless, Los Santos and Liberty City were significantly modified for their return in the HD universe, which could also be the case for Vice City.

Interestingly, a lake was spotted in the northern section of another alleged GTA 6 map image that surfaced online in March 2023. While the two maps could be completely unrelated, there is a possibility of the water body in the two images being the same.

GTA 6 leaked map shows a glimpse of next Vice City

Although Rockstar Games haven’t confirmed the validity of the older image, it was removed from the subreddit pretty quickly. Hence, there is a chance that it could be genuine.

In summary, GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) is currently in production at Rockstar Games and is expected to be released exclusively for the next generation of consoles and PCs.

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