GTA 6 leaks reveal Vice City and more locations

GTA 6 leaks reveal Vice City and more locations

GTA 6 leaks reveal Vice City and more locations

GTA 6 leaks reveal Vice City and more locations (Image via GTA RP Servers)

New GTA 6 leaks have provided the community with video footage of the early build of GTA 6’s gameplay, audio, and more importantly, the location where the upcoming game will take place.

Despite the fact that it was not clearly stated in the leak, the name of the railway station and the V.C.P.D cop cars at the location indicated that the gameplay was taking place in none other than Vice City.

Since the footage is of an early build of the game, these could just be temporary placeholders used by Rockstar Games during the development process. Nonetheless, this has verified many fans’ suspicions that the next game would be taking place in Vice City. Here’s some more information concerning this disclosure.

Note: The leaked clips cannot be included due to legal restrictions.

New GTA 6 leak reveals Vice City as the potential location of the game

Fans were able to deduce the setting of the game by looking at the cop cars that sported the V.C.P.D (Vice City Police Department) initials.

Furthermore, players could also see that “Port Gellhorn” was written on the sides of the cop cars. Many fans assume that this will be some kind of port city that will also be featured in the game.

Some more locations that fans were able to get from the leaked videos are North Beaches, Lake Leonida, and Route 97. The monument of Leonida was also mentioned in the video, and this could be some kind of in-game statue that players may be able to visit. Most of the information about these locations was sourced from dialogue between characters featured in the videos.

Fans were also able to recognize Washington Beach from the leaks, which is a location prominently featured in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Another town called Ekanfinaka was identified through a sign that was visible in the leaked gameplay footage.

Ocean Beach and South Beach were two other locations that fans were able to deduce from the leaked menus. The former was present in GTA Vice City, and the latter will likely be a new location that gets introduced in the upcoming game. A forest location called Red Hill Forest was also discovered from the menus.

Yorktown is another town that was found in the clips. Apart from this, a location that hosts racing activities, Hamlet, was also mentioned by many NPCs.

Finally, several fans attempted to decipher the name of another destination from a sign displayed in one of the leaked video clips. But because the visuals weren’t particularly clear, many fans were unable to verify the name. However, most fans believe that the sign read “Bocamar Bridge.”

GTA 6 leaks reveal Vice City and more locations

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