5 early GTA 6 leaks that have been proven true after the latest leak

5 early GTA 6 leaks that have been proven true after the latest leak

5 early GTA 6 leaks that have been proven true after the latest leak

5 early GTA 6 leaks that have been proven true after the latest leak (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 leaks have been circulating for quite some time. For the last 2-3 years, players have been looking forward to the game. During this time, there were several leaks, concept trailers, and fan theories.

The recently alleged GTA 6 leak has cleared the air and provided a clear picture of what the game could be. While most previous theories and claims were demolished, some of them stood the test of time.

This article lists five early GTA 6 leaks that have been confirmed as accurate following the most recent leak, ranging from protagonists to locales, features, and enhancements.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions. The leaked data cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions. Listings are not in any order.

Early GTA 6 leaks that have been confirmed by recent leaks

1) Vice City

This has been widely expected, and there have even been rumors and predictions that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City. With a new plot, Rockstar is anticipated to update this classic retro metropolis for the HD era.

The recent leaks also show a city that resembles Rockstar’s depiction of Vice City. Fans may also rejoice because one of their favorite GTA cities is getting a makeover. While Rockstar is yet to confirm any of the leaked details, fans are certain that the new game will be based in Vice City.

2) Two Protagonists

According to a July Bloomberg report, GTA 6 will have two protagonists, one of whom will be female. Following that, numerous other sources and leaks claimed that the pair would be twins.

The leaked videos support this theory as well. In the clips, players can see two protagonists, a Latina female named Lucia and a white male named Jason. While they do not appear to be twins, this confirms that the predictions were correct.

3) Contemporary period

While previous Grand Theft Auto games have mostly taken place in the ’80s and ’90s, GTA 6 is said to take place in the present day. Based on numerous leaks and claims, it will be based on the year 2023.

NPCs can be heard in the leaked footage discussing Jay Norris and the scandal in which he was involved. In Grand Theft Auto 5, Jay Norris is a parody of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the NPC’s dialog most likely alluded to the Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook.

This means that the game is set to be played in the present day, but not necessarily in 2023 if the leaks prove to be true in the future.

4) Improved AI

Based on previous leaks, GTA 6’s AI will be more advanced than its predecessors. While Rockstar’s AI in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best, Grand Theft Auto 4’s Euphoria Engine AI is also a popular choice.

Players can see more advanced NPC AI and elaborated responses in one of the leaked videos, where Lucia is robbing a restaurant. They react differently to various situations and become more involved with the playing character.

On occasion, they engage the character in conversation and respond to what they have to say. The clouds and sky already resemble those in RDR 2. If these talks and responses that have been leaked turn out to be true, the player base will really appreciate Rockstar for their effort.

5) Improved features from other games

Although Grand Theft Auto 5 offers a lot, Rockstar also removed some excellent features from the prior games. Players desire all of the practical elements in the upcoming game, and some earlier leaks also made those hints.

The protagonists in the leaked videos can be seen doing prone, carrying weapons like RDR 2 and backpacks for extra space on their backs. Assuming the leaks are true, Rockstar has significantly improved the game mechanics and added more features as requested by fans.

5 early GTA 6 leaks that have been proven true after the latest leak

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