GTA 6 News: RAGE 9 engine details leaked shared by insider

GTA 6 news: details of the leaked RAGE 9 engine

GTA 6 News: RAGE 9 engine details leaked shared by insider

GTA 6 News: RAGE 9 engine details leaked shared by insider (Image via Rockstar Games)

Recently, GTA data miners made a noteworthy discovery regarding the game’s engine and its capabilities. The new RAGE engine, which was previously mentioned by Rockstar Games, has caught the attention of the community once again for its impressive physics simulations.

As the days go by, fans of Grand Theft Auto are learning more and more about the forthcoming GTA 6 game. Despite Rockstar Games’ tight-lipped approach to the game’s development, dedicated fans, insiders, and data miners are working tirelessly to uncover any new information.

Although Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed any of these findings, rumors suggest that the game may include these features as part of its standard gameplay mode.

Rockstar Games’ RAGE 9 engine may include cutting-edge mechanics in GTA 6

On February 26, 2023, popular game data miner Gaming Detective (Twitter/that1detectiv3) shared leaked footage of the new iteration of the RAGE engine. According to them, the new game engine will include realistic water movements and ocean waves, which may be the standard model in Grand Theft Auto 6.

In the video, readers can see a block of leaked ocean surface and floor designed with the engine. The ocean’s tides behave naturally, making it difficult to believe they are digital creations.

The footage also showed a top-down view of the waves hitting two sea stacks. From this vantage point, you can see how the waves behave and how the water responds when two tides collide.

The reflection and refraction properties of natural light are also evident in the leaked video. The water gets progressively darker as it descends into the ocean’s depths, creates sea foam when it runs into objects and becomes visibly lighter when it reaches the shore.

In another tweet, Gaming Detective credited Aleix Venturas (Twitter/AleixVenturas) and Rockstar Mag’ (Twitter/Rockstar_Mag) for the discovery. On February 18, 2023, Aleix Venturas posted a thread in which they discussed the new game engine in detail.

According to them, the new engine is reportedly called RAGE 9. RAGE is an acronym for the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine that has been used in several Rockstar titles.

While the community is skeptical of the clip’s veracity, they are eagerly awaiting an official statement from Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 News: RAGE 9 engine details leaked shared by insider

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