GTA 6 multiple world events possible in the game revealed by leaker

GTA 6 multiple world events possible in the game revealed by leaker

GTA 6 multiple world events possible in the game revealed by leaker

GTA 6 multiple world events in the game revealed by leaker (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The GTA 6 hype continues, as it looks like a list of possible world events in the upcoming game has been leaked.

According to the content creator and gamer Dylan (@_Dyllie_ on Twitter), there is a long list of 500+ GTA 6 events that users reportedly found in one of the previously leaked footage of the game. He also shared over 30 names for possible events that might happen in the game.

GTA 6 In-Game Event Names, Weapons, Items List, Gameplay Mechanics & More Surface via Massive Leak

With today’s massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak, a lot of the info might have flown over everyone’s heads given the focus was on just the gameplay. While we can’t say for certain whether any of the stuff shown will be in the final game, there was a lot of stuff shown off.

Based from the gameplay that was shown and via the source code that was shared (and now being held ransom by the leaker apparently), check out the in-game events, weapons, and loads of other details for GTA 6.

Fans have been expecting a GTA 6 reveal this month for quite some time due to multiple rumors. However, Rockstar Games hasn’t divulged anything yet.

GTA 6 multiple world events

GTA 6 Info From Leaked Gameplay Footage

  1. Female protagonist (which was “confirmed” by a rumor that surfaced in July) is named Lucia
  2. Male lead character is named Jason (both names appear in the developer menu that shows up during gameplay).
  3. Vice City is back
  4. Malibu Club returning
  5. New area called Port Gellhorn
  6. Guns can now be switched between hands
  7. Guns can be picked up from the ground
  8. There is a WhatsUp messaging app (which is a clear reference to WhatsApp)
  9. Gameplay was recorded on PS4 and PC
  10. Your character can now go prone
  11. There are now five stars instead of six for Wanted levels
  12. Police will now remember the car you’re in
  13. You can now carry people on your shoulders
  14. Source code leak mentions “equip jetpack” and “mount horse” which suggests that players will be able to
  15. use both forms of transportation in the game.

List of possible names of GTA 6 world events revealed

As seen in the Twitter post mentioned above, Dylan shared the confirmation of possible miscellaneous world events in the upcoming GTA 6. Here’s a list of possible dynamic events that were listed in one of the leaked footage:

  • Abandoned Hovercraft
  • Bait & Tackle Shop
  • Backyard Wrestling Ring
  • Basketball Court (Return of basketball)
  • Big Cat Mansion
  • Bonnie & Clyde Mystery (Multiple locations)
  • Cars strip Mall
  • Dairy Farm
  • Drug House Drug Deal
  • Drug Lab (Trailer small, trailer park, apartment, lockup)
  • DUI Test
  • Easy Score
  • Fishing (Multiple locations)
  • Island Camp
  • Kidnapping Victim
  • Lean Sizzurp Lap
  • Music Video
  • Museum
  • Salon Patron
  • Satanist house
  • Scarface Crime Scene
  • Self-Injury (Multiple locations)
  • Sniper Nest
  • Sniper Victim Apartment
  • Swamp Safari Crazy Golf
  • UFO Animal House
  • Voice in a storm drain (Possible Pennywise reference)
  • Warehouse Sex Robots
  • Warehouse Torture
  • Workout Challenge
  • Yard Sale (Multiple locations)

Bonnie and Clyde Mystery

Bonnie and Clyde Mystery

Bonnie and Clyde (Image via GTA RP Servers)

It is a huge piece of information about the upcoming title if this list is believed to be true. Some events seem to have real-world event references, such as the Bonnie and Clyde Mystery.

Dylan previously shared a possible police system in GTA 6 based on the leaks. These include:

  • A five-star wanted-level system, the same as Grand Theft Auto 5
  • A longer duration before the cops arrive in case of a crime
  • Smarter cops who give time to surrender before shooting the guilty
  • The ability of cops to remember vehicles’ number plater and model which requires players to change the vehicle to avoid cops
  • Functioning CCTV cameras imply that cops will be notified in case of a crime in front of the cameras
  • Robberies at Stores might be fully-detailed where NPCs will react to everything and cops will surround the store

The source also shared several possible gameplay features based on the leaked footage.

It looks like Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a more in-depth world with many things to do in it. Players should take this with a pinch of salt, as there is no official confirmation from Rockstar Games yet

GTA 6 multiple world events possible in the game revealed by leaker

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