Top GTA 6 release date predictions according to leaks an Rumors

Top GTA 6 release date predictions according to leaks an Rumors

Top GTA 6 release date predictions according to leaks an Rumors

Top GTA 6 release date predictions according to leaks an Rumors (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has recently been one of the most talked about topics in the gaming community, and fans eagerly await its official release. Rockstar Games maintains strict secrecy and does not respond to questions or claims about the upcoming title.

Rockstar faced a security breach last September when a teenage hacker named “teapotuberhacker” accessed its official servers and leaked unfinished footage from Grand Theft Auto 6. While the game’s release date prediction has been going on for years, the leaks gave it a new orientation, allowing data miners and insiders to dig through the topic.

This article lists GTA 6 release date predictions made by game data miners following the September 2022 leaks.

5 GTA 6 release date predictions made by Rockstar Games insiders

5) 2024-2025

While Rockstar is yet to confirm Gaming Detective’s previous claims, the user again predicted that GTA 6 will be released between 2024 and 2025.

During the Q3 Earnings Call on February 6, 2023, Take-Two Interactive stated that the gaming studio would continue to support GTA Online, hinting that the next title will be released in the coming years.

4) November 28, 2022

gta 6 express

On November 8, 2022, the Daily Express, a popular UK-based media outlet, published an article claiming that Rockstar could reveal the upcoming game on November 28, 2022, the 25th anniversary of the Grand Theft Auto series. The report stated:

“It’s the kind of landmark anniversary that deserves to be acknowledged, and what better way than with a first look at GTA 6.”

While most fans believed the information to be accurate, given that it came from a reputable media outlet, the rumors were back to square one when Rockstar Games did not release a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer or address the anniversary event.

3) January 2023

On January 10, 2023, popular YouTuber SanInPlay (Twitter/DjSan_) predicted the release of a trailer for the upcoming game. The YouTuber shared the above tweet, describing some details about the trailer. The English translation of the tweet reads as follows:

“Plane passes, lizard crossing the street, Lucia in prison exercising, dogs playing, little doggy rolling on ocean beach”

Readers should note that SanInPlay spoke about Lucia, the female protagonist, a few weeks before the leaks. Although Rockstar has yet to confirm their predictions, fans eagerly await the game’s official release to verify the user’s claims.

2) Halloween 2022

Immediately following the leaks in September 2022, popular game data miner Tez2 (Twitter/TezFunz2) predicted that Rockstar Games would tease the upcoming game during the 2022 Halloween event. The gaming studio included UFO sightings as part of the event, and Tez2 predicted that GTA 6 would be teased in between those sightings.

The user backed his claim with a mysterious image of a UFO on top of a house in Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. As he put it:

“Basis of speculation being that Rockstar teased/placed the mysterious picture of a house likely from GTA VI within GTA Trilogy DE. And the picture was about a UFO hovering over that house.”

However, the predictions were incorrect, and no teases for the upcoming game were released by Rockstar Games.

1) Fall of 2024

On February 2, 2023, a well-known data miner named Gaming Detective (Twitter/that1detectiv3) stated that Rockstar Games could reveal the upcoming game between March and April of this year, with a release date during the fall season of 2024.

According to the user, the prediction is based on the gaming company’s subtle hints in Grand Theft Auto Online, which contains many teasing elements. The Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar shirt, the official poster for Taxi Work jobs, and a variety of other items feature Miami-themed elements that hint at the upcoming game.

Top GTA 6 release date predictions according to leaks an Rumors

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