GTA 6 | Rockstar Games reveals teaser with VI in GTA Online!

Rockstar Games keeps the suspense alive with clues about GTA 6 in GTA Online.

GTA 6 | Rockstar Games reveals teaser with VI in GTA Online!

Since the confirmation of Grand Theft Auto VI in February 2022, fans have been eagerly anticipating official updates about the game. However, Rockstar Games has been teasing the community with Easter Eggs and mysterious references, and another one has been discovered.

GTA 6 | Enigmatic Transformation: Roman Numeral IV Replaced by VI on GTA Online Airplane Banner

GTA 6 | Rockstar Games reveals teaser with VI in GTA Online!

Recently, players noticed a puzzling teaser: a banner on the V-65 Molotok plane, which was added in the latest update, displays the numeral “VI” in Roman numerals, replacing the previous “IV“. The curious detail is that the banner is upside down, sparking intense speculation about whether this was intentionally planned or simply a mistake by the development team.

Rockstar Games has a history of using tantalizing hints and enigmatic clues to engage its audience, incorporating elements like Morse code, coordinates, and other hidden references. These strategies aim to keep the excitement high, engage fans, and create an atmosphere of mystery surrounding the highly anticipated release.

Despite the excitement generated by this new clue in GTA Online, players are still eager for an official statement from Rockstar Games that could finally clarify the long-awaited release date and other relevant information about GTA 6. In the meantime, the community remains watchful and speculative, hoping to unravel the secrets the developer still holds.

In summary, Rockstar Games is currently developing GTA 6, and more details will be revealed soon. The highly anticipated game is rumored to be released for the new generation of consoles, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and also for PC with the Windows operating system.

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