GTA 6 | Rumor suggests a third protagonist

Leaked images of GTA 6 reveal a third protagonist after Lucia and Jason.

GTA 6 | Rumor suggests a third protagonist

While the gaming community eagerly awaits the introduction of Jason and Lucia, the rumored dual protagonists in GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI), a recent leak about a new protagonist has taken the community by storm. A fan account on Twitter called GTA6Videos shared a short clip where a new male protagonist was seen in an early alpha version of the game. The video has since been deleted by the user, but it managed to amass over 60,000 views.

Although Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the previously leaked protagonists, the addition of a third protagonist has given fans new hope, as the game is anticipated to be one of the most ambitious and diverse projects from the iconic gaming studio.

Note: The leaked data cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions.

Rockstar Games is rumored to include a third protagonist in GTA 6 following a recent leak.

On July 3, 2023, the Twitter user shared the leaked video of Grand Theft Auto 6 and claimed that the new protagonist would be named Kai. Although their ethnicity is currently unknown, the character was seen wearing a white t-shirt and gray pants.

Similar to the other protagonist models, Kai was also shown carrying two weapons and in combat mode. They were seen crouching, shooting, throwing objects, and performing other common actions in hostile situations. However, their character model appeared to be heavily glitched and asymmetrical.

According to the Twitter user, the leaked images of GTA 6 were from an early alpha stage, which explains why the character model had not been fully detailed yet.

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While the community is eagerly awaiting more information about Jason and Lucia in Grand Theft Auto, as well as the leaks from September 2022, the inclusion of Kai has caught many by surprise. None of the insiders who previously leaked information about the other protagonists mentioned Kai in their reports.

However, the entire Grand Theft Auto fan base is now waiting to see if Rockstar Games confirms all three protagonists, especially Kai, following the announcement of GTA 6.

The upcoming game is expected to feature a dynamic and ever-changing world with multiple locations. While the gaming community was excited to explore the map of Grand Theft Auto 6 with Jason and Lucia, many are now eager to see what Kai has to offer in the game.

In summary, GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) is currently in production at Rockstar Games and is expected to be released exclusively for the next generation of consoles and PCs.

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