GTA 6 Rumors Suggest Inclusion of Child Characters in the Storyline

GTA 6 Rumors Suggest Inclusion of Child Characters in the Storyline

GTA 6 will have the first child character in the franchise, according to leaks. (Image via GTA RP Servers)

As the release of GTA 6 becomes increasingly certain, there is a surge in leaks surrounding the highly anticipated game. The most significant rumor, emerging after the formal announcement of the trailer, suggests that the game might feature the first child character in the series.

With Rockstar’s official announcement of the GTA 6 trailer, the game appears closer than ever. Apart from the bizarre incidents surrounding the trailer release, excitement levels are soaring.

Lucia to be a Mother in GTA 6 according to New Leaks

GTA 6 Rumors Suggest Inclusion of Child Characters in the Storyline

Lucia may be the mother of the first child character in GTA 6, according to leaks. (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The latest leaks about GTA 6 primarily focus on Lucia. According to Rockstar Universe, they have information from an internal source indicating that Lucia is a mother in the game.

Reportedly, Lucia plays a small role in the storyline and will make appearances in cutscenes. Spoilers may follow.

The most recent GTA 6 leak, encompassing the disclosed information, was released on the main Rockstar Universe website.

An internal source has been speculating that Lucia is the mother of a child who appears in the game’s plot,” they clarified.

Lucia’s child will differ from the offspring of other characters, such as Michael from Grand Theft Auto V, who had adult children portrayed in the game.

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According to Rockstar Universe, Lucia’s child is considered much younger and only appears in cutscenes, similar to Jack Marston in Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2.

Historically, the GTA series refrained from including children in its narratives or open-world environments. This decision aligns with the game’s content, especially considering the controversial nature of the GTA series.

Rockstar Recently Confirmed the First Female Protagonist

GTA 6 | Complete Insights into the Character Lucia

Lucia will be the first female protagonist in GTA. (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Lucia, the first playable female character in the franchise, will also feature in Grand Theft Auto 6. Lucia is a Hispanic woman of Latin American descent in her early 20s or early 30s, standing at around 1.60 meters tall.

Currently, she is dating Jason. Interesting details about Lucia’s past include her time in prison and her escape to Vice City before the events of the game. She also appears to be a proficient hacker, adding a fascinating dimension to her character.

Although Rockstar Games announced the trailer’s release in December, there is uncertainty regarding the GTA 6 release schedule.

This suggests that players may have to wait a few more years to play the much-anticipated game. According to information provided by ‘Tez2,’ a GTA insider, the current emphasis seems to point towards a potential release in 2024.

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