GTA Online players believe they’ve found GTA 6 screenshots in new shirt

GTA Online players believe they’ve found GTA 6 screenshots in new shirt

GTA Online players believe they've found GTA 6 screenshots in new shirt

GTA 6 screenshots in new shirt (Image via u/bbb2222b on Reddit)

Fans have enjoyed GTA Online’s The Criminal Enterprises update since its release in July and are also eager to learn more about the upcoming GTA 6.

There have been a lot of rumors and leaks on the internet about the next title in the series. However, Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed anything as of today. That doesn’t stop fans from trying to dig up information on their own, as it looks like somebody has found Grand Theft Auto 6 screenshots of a new shirt in the Online title.

The new GTA Online shirt may have the first hint for the upcoming game

It’s highly speculated that the upcoming major title in the series, Grand Theft Auto 6, will be featured in Vice City again. As exciting as it sounds, fans might have found a hint proving the same.

In a post shared by Redditor u/bbb2222b, the new Grand Theft Auto Online shirt has some fascinating pictures that look to be from the upcoming title. By taking a closer look, one can see a female character flipping her finger in one picture and a roller coaster surrounded by nature in the other.

The source backed-up their claim by stating that the girl in the picture doesn’t look like an NPC from the current game, nor does the roller coaster look the same.

Similarly, a player on GTAForums also claimed that the photograph “doesn’t look like anywhere in LS” and can be a hint towards the upcoming game in the series.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the post so far, with some claiming it is indeed a hint, while others don’t believe it. Here are some of the best reactions to it:

The timing of these small possible hints is fascinating as fans might get a first look at Grand Theft Auto 6 this October, thanks to a famous insider.

Players might get the first official teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 next month

According to a well-known insider, Tez2, players will see UFOs appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online this Halloween. In a post on GTAForums, he stated the following:

“16 days before Halloween, Rockstar will start featuring UFOs within GTA Online. On October 23rd, the stealth UFO will appear instead of the regular UFO model.”

He also suggested that on October 23, fans will see a different stealth UFO in the game, the appearance of which might coincide with the first hint of Grand Theft Auto 6. He further added on the post:

“There’s no in-game hint towards GTA 6 within [GTA Online] files. Rockstar is cautious enough not to do that. But the hint may arrive within the tweet Rockstar will prepare to talk about the UFOs happening on GTA Online. We may receive a tweet like this one from Rockstar, except the newspaper may have a small extra section below suggesting tropical storms in two days or something like that. Thus, hinting at GTA 6‘s announcement.”

It will be interesting to see such an event coming to the game as players are anxiously waiting for the upcoming game.

What is the best Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor so far?

A recent report by Bloomberg suggests that the upcoming major title in the series might feature the franchise’s first Latina protagonist, along with one male. The game will supposedly tell the duo’s story based on the infamous real-life robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

The game is also believed to feature an ever-changing map based on the fictional city of Miami/Vice City once again, with developers planning to expand it over time with new cities and missions. The game might be released anywhere between March 2023 – April 2024.

Rockstar has remained completely silent whenever Grand Theft Auto 6 is brought up. The developers are not even allowing fans to chat about it on their Twitch channel. With all the secrecy surrounding the next Grand Theft Auto title, fans are advised to take all the rumors with a grain of salt until the developers themselves confirm them.

GTA Online players believe they’ve found GTA 6 screenshots in new shirt

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