GTA 6 will supposedly not have three protagonists

GTA 6 will supposedly not have three protagonists

GTA 6 will supposedly not have three protagonists

The latest rumor going around is that GTA 6 won’t have three protagonists, which will be a stark departure from GTA 5. Several leaks suggested this feature of having multiple protagonists would be present in the next installment in some capacity, so if this rumor is true, then all those old leaks are wrong.

There is no official confirmation from Rockstar Games on this matter, so players can only rely on supposed insider knowledge.

It is worth mentioning that the official title of the next Grand Theft Auto game isn’t currently known, either. Most gamers just collectively call it GTA 6, so this article will do the same out of convenience. Text leaks tend to be wrong, but this new information regarding the upcoming title comes from a more reliable source, as seen below.

GTA 6 will apparently not feature three protagonists

For those that don’t know, Jason Schreier is a respected reporter for Bloomberg. He usually has inside scoops that many other journalists do not have. In this case, he simply states that GTA 6 won’t have three protagonists. Of course, some context is in order, so here is a brief summary of his previous Reddit posts:

  1. Jason states that u/GTA_VI_Leak’s “leaks” are fanfiction.
  2. Somebody asks if he has inside knowledge on the topic.
  3. Jason replies, stating that nobody has much information and that the game is still in development but mentions that the leaker got the number of protagonists wrong.
  4. When an individual asked him to elaborate on the number of protagonists, he responded with the comment embedded above.

GTA_VI_Leak is the same person who compiled a list of “leaks” shown here. It was unknown if it was true at the time, but current evidence points to this compilation of leaks being fake. Most text leaks tend to be fake, and that compilation was no different.

That leaker has since gone on to delete multiple old posts and has left a goodbye message.

Multiple protagonists

Multiple protagonists

GTA 5 featured three beloved protagonists (Image via Rockstar Games)

Whether the recent information means there will only be one protagonist or not is currently unknown. There can still be multiple protagonists, but this new development indicates that there won’t be three protagonists. Many old GTA 6 leaks referenced the game having multiple playable characters, so this type of news is quite significant.

One of GTA 5’s most prominent selling points was that there were three playable characters. Previous Grand Theft Auto games only had one, so many fans assumed that this title’s success would lead to future games also having multiple protagonists.

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor all had distinctive personalities, abilities, and stories. Thus, this feature was quite popular in the gaming community. Fans must remember that this new information only states that there won’t be three playable characters; it can be one, two, four, or more instead.

Unfortunately, Jason Schreier did not offer any further clarification.

What is known about GTA 6?

Nothing is known about GTA 6, except that Rockstar Games is working hard on it and has taken some resources away from Red Dead Online to do so. Not even the game’s official name and logo have been revealed yet. There is no known release date for gamers to look forward to at the moment.

GTA 6 will supposedly not have three protagonists

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