GTA 6 trailer could arrive in October?

GTA 6 trailer could arrive in October?

GTA 6 trailer could arrive in October?

GTA 6 trailer could arrive in October?

Players can only hope that a GTA 6 trailer is on the horizon. Of course, there are no guarantees for that anytime soon. This would require extensive resources in cinematography, musical scores, and voice acting. With that said, players wouldn’t mind if they released a short teaser.

There are several reasons why some players believe a GTA 6 trailer will be shown in October, even if that isn’t very likely. Although one should keep their expectations low, some remain optimistic for this month.

It’s been 20 years since GTA Vice City

Just last year, Rockstar Games announced the remastered GTA Trilogy. It was meant to commemorate the 20th anniversary of GTA 3, a game that was originally released back in 2001.

A sequel was made a year later when GTA Vice City arrived in 2002. October 29th will mark the 20th anniversary of the landmark game.

Since it’s highly likely that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, it’s only natural that Rockstar pays homage to the original. There is historical precedence for honoring the classic trilogy with future games.

Why people believe a GTA 6 trailer will be shown in October 2022

Rockstar could set the record straight on the graphics

When the leaks first came out, the lackluster graphics were a point of contention. Of course, it’s not representative of the final product, since the footage was from a very early build in development. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop people from making unfair assumptions towards the game.

Rockstar could potentially change their minds by showing off a more recent build. However, if a trailer were to be released this month, it was likely planned far in advance.

Rockstar is working on something right now

However, established insider Tez2 has a good hypothesis that the moment may arrive as early as October 2022. It’s only been a few days into October, yet many believe this is the right time for a GTA 6 trailer. This article will go over why that is the case.

GTA Online leaker @TezFunz2 recently brought up the possibility of a GTA 6 trailer. Over at the GTA Forums, he talked about potential reasons why:

  • There are medium-sized files in future GTA Online update
  • Red Dead Online seems to be put on hold for now
  • Potential remastered might’ve been shelved

@TezFunz2 believes that Rockstar Games is putting all their resources into the next game, just so it doesn’t get delayed until 2025 or 2026. Players have already been waiting for nearly a decade now.

Rockstar could grab everybody’s attention this holiday

Fall is traditionally a very busy time in the video game industry. Major titles are often released within that window. GTA 6 won’t be arriving this year, but a teaser would still draw huge attention.

There is no better time for Rockstar to release a trailer. Everybody seems to be far more active around the fall season. That’s when everybody wants to advertise their products. Rockstar would certainly steal the show with GTA 6. Without question, it’s the most hypeworthy game in history.

Games are historically announced in October

For one reason or another, GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 both had official trailers released in October. These are the most recent major games within the Rockstar lineup. It would make sense if GTA 6 followed suit.

October is a very special month in video game history. Players can only hope that Rockstar drops a trailer in the next few weeks. As shown in the above screenshot, the company has a lot of special dates for October. Players will find out soon enough if Rockstar is ready to show off their upcoming game.

GTA 6 trailer could arrive in October?

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