Fact Check: Are current GTA 6 trailers real?

Fact Check: Are current GTA 6 trailers real?

Fact Check: Are current GTA 6 trailers real?

GTA gamers are getting overwhelmed with the number of trailers floating around online (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 has been a part of gaming discussions since 2013. It has been nearly a decade since GT 5 and players have eagerly awaited the new release. On February 4, 2022, Rockstar made a big announcement and offered players real hope about the upcoming game. They mentioned that the next title was well underway, and a launch was imminent.

However, there has been no word from Rockstar since. Given the long production delay, the players are anxious and hawking the digital space. The studio’s recent reboot of GTA 5 did not ease concerns.

Taking advantage of the audience’s anxiety, clout chasers have been releasing fake videos that masquerade as trailers for GTA 6. They go as far as to place paid ads on YouTube. Their goal is likely to gain that fast click.

This article tears into the credibility of trailers swarming the YouTube ad space.

The GTA 6 trailers ads on YouTube are fake

Since the Rockstar NewsWire post that confirmed GTA 6’s existence, fans have seemingly been bombarded with ads on YouTube. These ads are entirely fake. Initially, the ads showed up for players from specific parts of the world, but eventually, they spread like wildfire. The advertiser likely wants to monetize the unsuspecting audience likely to see GTA imagery and click on the link.

Unfortunately for these pranksters, OG fans aren’t easy to fool. Most gamers who come across the ads record them or catch a screenshot. These were often shared on various GTA subreddits. The low production quality gives away the authenticity of these videos.

The trailer above from the GTA subreddit, for instance, talks about the upcoming game’s location returning to Vice City but fails to share any clips or images of the same. Soon enough, gamers who realized that the entire thing was a hoax began warning others.

How to know if they are fake or real?

Attached above is the actual trailer for the Expanded and Enhanced version, released on March 15. The supreme quality of editing, sound, video, and other technicalities make this stand out. That being said, a lot of money can also be put into a fake ad. Some fakes might try their best to blur the lines.

To be doubly sure, gamers should also check credible sources related to the game. Rockstar Games is the only source anyone should trust. GTA 6 is easily the most anticipated game. The studio won’t allow the trailer event to be monetized by an unrelated channel.

Rockstar Games has several social media handles and a fully functional website that is easily accessible. Visiting their website, YouTube page, Instagram page, Twitter page, and others should clarify all doubts and get gamers in touch with reality.

Players should be extra cautious when coming across any speculative information about GTA6 online. If it is not a community trusted source, it is likely fake news.

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Fact Check: Are current GTA 6 trailers real?

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