GTA 6 will have 3 playable protagonists, not just 2

GTA 6 will have 3 playable protagonists, not just 2

GTA 6 will have 3 playable protagonists, not just 2 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The much-anticipated GTA 6 is in the sights of gaming enthusiasts, generating high expectations for its release.

The long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed GTA 5 has been officially confirmed by the publisher, with the trailer scheduled to debut next month.

There are speculations that the development of GTA 6 could reach billion-dollar figures, pointing towards a revolution in the video game industry with the introduction of artificial intelligence.

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GTA 6 will have 3 playable protagonists

GTA 6 will have 3 playable protagonists, not just 2

Regarding the playable characters in GTA 6, recent leaks suggest a paradigm shift: instead of two protagonists like Jason and Lucia, there is speculation about the addition of a third, even including the presence of a child.

This twist brings a new dynamic to the series, marked by the potential debut of Lucia as the first prominent female character in the GTA universe.

The involvement of the child in the storyline, akin to Jack Marston’s presence in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, still raises doubts about the player’s control possibility.

One of the most captivating aspects of this trio is the collaborative interaction during the game. Rumors indicate that players will be able to give commands to the characters during heists and other activities, significantly altering the dynamics and decisions made.

The expectation is that both characters will carry ‘loot bags,’ storing gains like money and gold, along with a system to share items between them, enhancing player strategy and coordination.

The role of AI in GTA 6

GTA 6 will have 3 playable protagonists, not just 2

Artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in GTA 6, offering autonomy to the character not controlled by the player. While one protagonist is controlled, the AI will guide the other in the vast expanse of the game, increasing the sense of immersion and realism.

As anticipation grows around GTA 6, with the possibility of three playable characters and the introduction of artificial intelligence, Rockstar Games remains silent, leaving fans eager for confirmation or refutation of the rumors.

The trailer’s release next month promises to be the pinnacle of this awaited announcement, regardless of the outcome, GTA 6 is poised to explore new horizons in the video game industry, offering a potentially revolutionary experience for players worldwide.

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