GTA Online: Update Removes 180+ Vehicles

GTA Online: Update Removes 180+ Vehicles And you’ll have to pay to get some back.

GTA Online: Update Removes 180+ Vehicles

In a recent sweeping update to GTA Online, players were left astounded as over 180 vehicles vanished from the game’s roster. However, the surprises didn’t end there. Reports from Kotaku indicate that a significant number of these removed vehicles have found refuge exclusively within the realms of GTA+, a subscription service that grants access to an array of exclusive content.

Priced at approximately €6 per month, GTA+ is currently restricted to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players, leaving other platform users longing for a chance to experience the coveted rides. As the dust settles, players must now grapple with the implications of this significant change, exploring alternative means to traverse the streets of Los Santos and adapting their strategies to accommodate this evolving landscape.

Unexpected Vehicle Purge Sparks Outrage Among GTA Online Community

Vehicles Removed From The In-Game Websites (Thanks to MGgames100)
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Rockstar Games’ recent update to GTA Online, which resulted in the removal of over 180 vehicles, has stirred up a storm of discontent within the player community. Contrary to initial assumptions, the studio’s warning about removing “lesser used vehicles” proved to be a more significant purge than anticipated. As players flocked to express their frustration on the game’s subreddit, Rockstar remains silent on the controversy, leaving players to wonder about the rationale behind this unexpected change.

Vehicle Removals and Player Backlash:

Despite Rockstar’s prior statement regarding the removal of less popular vehicles, the scale of the removals took many players by surprise. What was initially believed to be a limited culling turned out to be a substantial elimination of beloved cars and motorcycles. The community, already immersed in the vast virtual world of GTA Online, took to various platforms to voice their disappointment and outrage over the unexpected removals. The subreddit, in particular, became a hub for players to share their grievances and demand answers from the studio.

Justifying the Removals:

Rockstar’s justification for the vehicle removals centers around the aim to “simplify the shopping experience.” However, players were quick to point out that this was never a prominent concern among the community. The absence of a widespread complaint about the shopping system only deepens the confusion surrounding the decision. As players wait for an official response from Rockstar, speculation and theories about the true motives behind the purge continue to circulate.

GTA 6 Development Update:

GTA Online: Update Removes 180+ Vehicles

Amidst the ongoing controversy, Rockstar Games remains focused on the highly anticipated development of GTA 6. With rumors swirling about its potential release next year, players are hopeful for a groundbreaking new installment in the series. As fans eagerly await further updates, the anticipation for GTA 6 continues to grow, offering a glimmer of excitement amid the current discontent surrounding GTA Online’s recent changes.


The recent update to GTA Online, removing over 180 vehicles, has undoubtedly sparked controversy within the player community. Rockstar Games’ decision to eliminate these vehicles, despite initial warnings, caught many players off guard and ignited a wave of frustration and outrage. As players voiced their concerns on platforms like the game’s subreddit, Rockstar has remained silent, leaving the community in search of answers and explanations.

While Rockstar attempts to justify the vehicle removals by citing the need to simplify the shopping experience, players find it difficult to reconcile this reasoning with their own experiences and feedback. The absence of widespread complaints about the shopping system raises questions about the true motives behind the purge.

In the midst of this discontent, the development of GTA 6 continues to generate excitement. With rumors suggesting a potential release in the coming year, players eagerly anticipate a new chapter in the franchise, hoping for a fresh and immersive experience that will captivate their imaginations once again.

As the GTA Online community navigates the aftermath of the vehicle removals, the voices of players persist, seeking transparency and engagement from Rockstar Games. Only time will tell if the studio will address the concerns raised and provide a resolution that satisfies the player base. Until then, players must adapt to the evolving landscape of GTA Online and await the next thrilling chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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