GTA Roleplay Guide for beginners – GTA RP – 2024 Complete Beginner’s Guide!

GTA Roleplay Guide for beginners – GTA RP – 2023 Complete Beginner’s Guide!

GTA Roleplay Guide for beginners - GTA RP - 2024 Complete Beginner's Guide!

GTA RP – 2024 Complete Beginner’s Guide! (Image via GTA RP Servers)

This guide GTA Roleplay will teach all players the basics of roleplay and aim players to roleplay success. This entire guide is based off the latest rule-book. As new rule-books are modified and created, this roleplay guide will be updated.

What is Roleplay?

What is Roleplay?

What is Roleplay? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Roleplaying is acting out or performing scenarios that may happen in the perspective of a make-believe person or character. In Eclipse Roleplay, the roleplay opportunities are endless. You can roleplay as a police officer, gangster, news anchor, and more! There are some limitations, but these limitations are in place to ensure the roleplay experience for everyone is the best that it can be. Some of these limitations include roleplaying as terrorists, gods, or superheroes.

Before joining the game, put some thought into the character(s) you will be roleplaying. Think about their background, family life, education, social group, age, race, and personality type. When choosing a name for your character, ensure the name does not mock the name of a popular fictional character or famous person. Character names should also not be intentional joke names. (Ex. Mike Hawk, Mike Roch, Osvaldons Wife, First Last, etc.)

GTA Roleplay Guide for beginners – GTA RP – 2023 Complete Beginner’s Guide!

GTA Roleplay Guide for beginners 2024 – Common Roleplay Terms



What does In-Character mean  (Image via GTA RP Servers)

IC stands for in-character. If you are in-game and using voice-chat or in-character text chat, you must roleplay the thoughts, feelings, and personality of your character at all times. You should never talk about your real life in voice-chat or in-character text chat under any circumstances. There are many commands to assist you in roleplaying. These commands include but are not limited to /radio, /shout, /me, and /do. (Descriptions and uses of in-character and roleplay commands will be explained below.) Never use symbols, abbreviations or emojis in in-character chat. You should treat written chat as you would voice chat.



Out-Of-Character meaning (Image via GTA RP Servers)

OOC stands for out-of-character. Out-Of-Character is any required communications between players. Whenever in-game, you should avoid out-of-character chat as much as possible unless it is necessary for roleplay. Acceptable uses of out-of-character would be, for example, asking for consent to sexual roleplay, or stating you can’t respond right away due to an IRL situation.


Non-Roleplay Meaning

Non-Roleplay Meaning (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Non-roleplay is a term used to describe unrealistic events or actions that hurt the roleplay experience of others or are unrealistic. A common example of this would be using a sport or super-car to ram other vehicles. This is considered non-roleplay because this is a very unrealistic action. Roleplay is meant to be as realistic as possible. Another example would be to spawn a vehicle from a farm as a farmer, only to use that vehicle to commit crimes and not use the vehicle for the actual job.



Metagaming in GTA RP (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Metagaming can be a term used to describe many different things. A common definition of this term is using out-of-character information to your in-character advantage. Some of the examples of metagaming are: talking OOCly in VOIP, relaying your location to a player via discord as you’re being robbed, private messaging a friend your location, etc. The most you can do on an out-of-character level in relation to ECLIPSE Roleplay, is ask your friends to log into the game, however, any other events that will occur in the game must happen ICly.

Let’s say you are told that your friend was arrested for a charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance via discord. Your character would not know this information as you were informed of this on an OOC medium. Even suggesting to someone else in-game that your friend was arrested could be considered metagaming.



Powergaming in GTA RP (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Powergaming is a term that describes performing unrealistic roleplay or forcing roleplay on others without giving them the opportunity to resist or fight back. All in all, when a player loses control of their character unwillingly due to another players action, the other player could be powergaming.


Deathmatching is the act of killing or attacking other players without having a valid in character reason to do so. There’s different categories of deathmatching:

  • Mercy Killing:
    Mercy-Killing is a form of deathmatching and non-roleplay that describes when a player attacks or kills another player who is injured in order to expedite their death process. This can result in a deathmatching classed punishment. If the player being killed asks to be killed (OOCly or ICly), the player asking to be killed is breaching the non-roleplay rule.
  • Revenge Killing:
    Not only does Revenge Killing break the New Life Rule, it also breaks the Deathmatching rule too. Revenge Killing is a term that describes a player that kills another player simply because they’ve killed them before. With the New Life Rule in effect, your character will lose all memory of the events leading up to their death, including the identity of the killer and the fact that the killer killed them in the first place.
  • Vehicle Deathmatching:
    Vehicle Deathmatching is a term used to describe a form a deathmatching in-which a vehicle is used as a weapon without having a valid reason to do so or using a vehicle as a weapon incorrectly. An example of this would be using a vehicle to ram into a police officer simply because they are a police officer. Using a vehicle as a weapon should be your last resort. Vehicle Deathmatching is the most severe form of deathmatching.
  • Kill on Sight (KOS):
    Kill on Sight is a term used to describe a roleplay scenario in-which you just kill or attack a player without performing any sort of roleplay. Kill on Sight is only permitted when the player you’re attacking had previously threatened your life in the past 24 hours where NLR hasn’t been triggered (this excludes weapons aimed by law enforcement), a theft of item(s) valuing more than $75,000 (excluding vehicles), or if the life of your close friend or ally is threatened and you’ve witnessed this happen.

New Life Rule

The New Life Rule (NLR) states that once you have died, your character forgets all of the events leading up to their death including the identity of their killer or reason of death. The New Life Rule also states that all players should avoid roleplay with each other in the event a death of a relative or friend occurs and that after you have died, you must wait at least thirty (30) minutes before returning to the area of your death (unless you’re a government faction member who was killed at your headquarters) or interacting with the players involved in your death. A player may not attempt to retrieve stolen assets after they have died (including government faction members.)

Combat Logging

Roleplay Logging, or Combat Logging, is a term that is used to refer to those players that log off off or go AFK during active roleplay. If your game crashes, you must return to the game as soon as possible and inform the players you were roleplaying with that you are experiencing issues. If you are unable to contact the players involved in the roleplay scenario occurring before your crash, gather evidence to prove you are actually experiencing issues preventing you from returning and contacting members involved in case you are reported.

No Crime Zone

A No Crime Zone (NCZ) is a term and rule used to describe “safe-zones” or zones in the server where crimes may not be committed under any circumstances. These zones are also indicated in game, in the bottom left corner above the street name. You can check if you are within a No Crime Zone in-game using /ncz, however, it is up to admin discretion on whether or not you’re within the safety of a No Crime Zone. You are allowed to flea from law enforcement officers within No Crime Zones, but refusing to obey them without fleeing is considered breaching NCZ.

The following list of locations are places where you may not commit any crimes:

  • Interior and block surrounding Tequila-la and the Yellow Jack Inn.
  • Interior and block surrounding all active government offices, law enforcement offices, hospitals, and banks.
  • Interior and block surrounding the Los Santos Airport, Los Santos Bus Depot, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV.)

There is a script in-game that will tell you whether or not you’re in a No Crime Zone, and it will prevent other players from bobby-pinning vehicles or using commands that are used within robberies, however, the script does not have the final say when it comes to whether or not your breaching the NCZ rule, that is up to admin discretion. The scripts main purpose is not to inform you of NCZ’s, but to prevent other players from breaking the NCZ Rule. For example, if you rob someone on the edge of a No Crime Zone, the script may not say you’re in a No Crime Zone, but you could still be in violation of the rule.

GTA Roleplay Guide for beginners


Hopefully, you’ve learned something through this roleplay guide! If you ever have any questions or would like some help in-game with roleplaying, don’t be afraid to reach out to the team!

GTA Roleplay Guide for beginners – GTA RP – 2024 Complete Beginner’s Guide!

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