GTA RP: Brahma reopens bar in Cidade Alta

Brewery takes the “Brahmosity” campaign into the metaverse inside GTA V

GTA RP: Brahma reopens bar in Cidade Alta

GTA RP: Brahma reopens bar in Cidade Alta (Image via Cidade Alta Server)

GTA RP: Brahma reopens bar in Cidade Alta

After promoting a series of actions in various corners of the country, Brahma returns to Cidade Alta Server, GTA RP’s largest server, to celebrate Brahmosity.

The Brahma Bar, which was first opened in the server to promote Brahma Duplo Malte, reopens in Christmas mood, covered with snow – which refers to the Brahma creaminess campaign.

Brahma Double Malt in Cidade Alta RP

The company claims that it has taken all necessary care regarding its branding within the PR. It is not possible, for example, to draw a gun in the vicinity of the bar. According to José Octávio Freitas, Marketing Manager for Brahma at Cervejaria Ambev, the choice of Cidade Alta was precisely because it has a greater control of everything that happens within the universe of the game.

The brewery brings a special mission for people: collect the cans of Brahma that have appeared on top of the mountains due to the creamy snow and take them back to the bar.

Players who fulfill the exclusive in-game mission can win discount coupons to guarantee their Brahma Double Malt through iFood directly to their home. It is worth remembering that the delivery platform is also present with deliverers in Cidade Alta.

The Brahma action in Cidade Alta connects real life to the metaverse. The creaminess of Brahma can be seen in billboards inside and outside the game, with physical pieces on the streets and digital ones in the game 100% integrated.

“Resuming the work with Brahma only affirms that Cidade Alta is today one of the most respected platforms when we talk about Metaverse and that we are managing to develop actions that can connect advertisers to the gamer universe in a relevant way,” commented Paulo Benetti, CEO of Outplay, owner of Cidade Alta.

GTA RP: Brahma reopens bar in Cidade Alta

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