GTA RP: Itaú holds end of year campaign in Cidade Alta

GTA RP: Itaú holds end of year campaign in Cidade Alta

GTA RP: Itaú

GTA RP: Itaú holds end of the year campaign in Server Cidade Alta (Image via Cidade Alta)

With this new wave of the metaverse and the worldwide success of GTA RP, several companies are diving into the game by creating advertisements on famous servers such as Cidade Alta.

After moving everyone with its campaign involving Fernanda Montenegro and TikTok’s baby Alice, now Itaú Unibanco dives into the metaverse to launch an action in Cidade Alta, GTA RP server, to impact the gamer public.

To connect with the gamer public, Itaú Unibanco dived into the metaverse and reproduced the #2022InA Word campaign in GTA RP.

Itaú end of year campaign in Cidade Alta

Itaú end of year campaign in Cidade Alta (Image via Cidade Alta)

Five big names from Uptown were invited to participate: Bruno PH, Paty Landim, TTony, Vovo and Boy. They will activate the hashtag #2022InAword by bringing a word to the Itaú billboard with their respective avatars for the GTA RP server and on their social network profiles. As in the original action, the billboards on the server will also have virtual pieces that follow the same creative line as those in the real world. The metaverse action was conceived in partnership with DRUID, Itaú’s gamer agency.

Itaú Family campaign in Cidade Alta

Itaú Family campaign in Cidade Alta (Image via Cidade Alta)

“Throughout this year we did a series of projects with the gaming and esports community, and to close 2021 we wanted to promote something especially for them. So we chose to bring to a metaverse the extension and integration of the real and virtual worlds. The #2022AtAWord is happening in several environments, especially in the streets of the city through the use of outdoor media properties. Thus, almost in a logic of indoor media inside Cidade Alta, we are inviting everyone to participate in this positive chain we created for the arrival of 2022, expanding the scope of this initiative and showing that games, metaverse and the like are great conductors of integration and connection of different worlds. We are very proud of what we have built this year and much more is yet to come,” said Robson Harada, Growth Marketing Superintendent at Itaú Unibanco.

Itaú Overcoming Challenges campaign

Itaú Overcoming Challenges campaign (Image via Cidade Alta)

The #2022InA Word initiative was idealized by SOKO agency and counts on Cacai Bauer, Tode Crespa, Jean Paulo Campos, HttPedro, and Isís Martins on the team of creators that are part of the movement in the real world, and consists in sending funny, unusual, and surprising videos to be featured on urban furniture.

GTA RP: Itaú holds end of year campaign in Cidade Alta

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