5 best GTA RP NoPixel moments from Reddit

5 best GTA RP NoPixel moments from Reddit

5 best GTA RP NoPixel moments from Reddit

GTA RP on the NoPixel has created several remarkable moments (Image via r/NoPixel, Reddit)

The NoPixel server has been at the forefront of GTA RP ever since the roleplaying phenomenon has taken over GTA fans. It has given rise to many new Twitch streamers and made them popular across the community. Most importantly, it has created memorable moments for its fans.

This article explores some of the best posts made in the r/NoPixel subreddit throughout the last year.

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GTA RP NoPixel: 5 best moments from the NoPixel subreddit for 2021

5) A relatable meme

Getting into NoPixel is quite hard for the average gamer, as the server is mainly focused around streamers. Players must come up with a convincing backstory for their character, and it must fit in with the requirements of the server.

Players must also choose what they wish to be on the server, whether it’s the role of a criminal, civilian, or police officer. Becoming a cop, however, is easier said than done, as players rarely get accepted for the role.

4) A tribute to Yuno Sykk

Sykunno’s popularity exploded on YouTube and Twitch ever since he began streaming Among Us and GTA RP. When he joined NoPixel, his character Yuno Sykk became an instant hit among fans.

The above video is a tribute to Sykunno’s ridiculously fast rags-to-riches criminal career in the game. His character is renowned as an expert hacker and a notorious bank robber on the GTA RP NoPixel.

3) A hilarious accident

The above video is guaranteed to leave viewers in fits of laughter. It shows Sherry Paie dancing to a song and moving on the streets while riding a bicycle. At this moment, Crocodile Steve, riding a police cruiser while vibing along to another song, runs her over by accident.

Sherry Paie is a character roleplayed by Roxmiral, while Crocodile Steve is one of Whippy’s characters.

2) Custom-made trading cards

The fan community of GTA RP is an extremely active one, and they often come up with their own fan art. The above character cards were made by a Redditor named CheapAsianArtwork for the NoPixel server.

The NoPixel TCG (trading card game) was launched on 23rd May, 2021 and it features all renowned GTA RP characters on the server. The custom fan-art for Jean Paul (xQc) and Yuno Sykk (Sykkuno) is a unique take on the in-game card art.

1) A memorial

GTA RP NoPixel has featured plenty of streamers on the server, and unfortunately, some of them have passed away. Kenneth “Blue622” Tancredi, who roleplayed as Boe Jangles, passed away on 4th July 2020.

The above scene is from his memorial that was held on the occasion of his birthday last year. He has since been added as an NPC on the NoPixel server.

5 best GTA RP NoPixel moments from Reddit

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