5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in May 2022

5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in May 2022

5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in May 2022

These are the GTA RP streamers to look out for this month (Images via Rockstar Games)

GTA RP streamers are a big part of this gaming community as they are at the forefront of keeping this nine-year-old game alive and thriving.

Every experienced Grand Theft Auto RP streamer has a unique approach. They excel in roleplaying on occasion, which captivates their audience. Their recognition of other games is sometimes effortlessly translated into GTA RP.

But out of all the GTA RP streamers, these five are right now at their peak performance and should be watched and celebrated by the entire community.

Five best GTA RP streamers to watch in May 2022

5) Fuslie

Even though Fuslie has been taking a break from playing GTA RP, there is a high chance she will return this month.

But even during this break, her fans are still watching old clips and vods of her GTA RP character April Fooze, which clearly shows how much impact she has had on the community.

Moreover, her streams will probably reach the top of the chart when she returns, even without playing the game. This is a highly popular English GTA RP streamer, usually commanding 26,665 peak viewers per stream.

4) Kyle

Kyle is a method actor in the Grand Theft Auto RP community. Coincidentally, he shares a name with his RP character, but his character work is incredible. It’s pretty hard to differentiate when he is not in character.

He is a lovable but arrogant cop that every fan wants to see in the game and he does a great job playing that type of character.

He is a pain to the criminals but a god amongst the cops. His character is probably one of the more interesting ones to watch this month. He is a charming English Grand Theft Auto streamer with 10,876 peak viewers per stream.

3) Penta

Penta is probably the most polarized and divisive Grand Theft Auto RP streamer, but he is still very entertaining to watch.

For him, there is no limit to what players can do in RP and it is always interesting to watch him being an arrogant cop or a crazy criminal.

Most fans either hate him or love him, but it is hard to deny that he is the funniest and most fascinating Grand Theft Auto RP streamer. He usually commands 12,858 peak viewers per stream.

2) Zerkka

Zerkka is a Grand Theft Auto RP streamer whose RP streams are full of action, comedy, and adventure.

It is not surprising to see him top of his game recently as he has been consistent with his streaming schedule, a big reason driving his success on the platform.

He will probably keep going up and producing quality content for his fans. He is an RP streamer that every fan should look out for. He usually has 24,359 peak viewers per stream.

1) Buddha

Buddha is arguably the best RP player right now. He has gotten even better after winning the best Grand Theft Auto RP streamer during this year’s Twitch streamer awards.

If fans are not watching this legend, they will miss out on a core part of the Grand Theft Auto RP community. Buddha has over 28,006 peak viewers per stream.

5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in May 2022

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