Top 5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in September 2022 (English)

Top 5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in September 2022 (English)

Top 5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in July 2022 (English)

It’s no surprise who the number one most-watched English streamer is (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA RP is still very popular in 2022, so some players might wonder who the most-watched English streamers in September 2022 might be. August has only just begun, so looking at last month’s data would paint a bigger picture of who viewers are following these days.

Unsurprisingly, the data is mostly what players can expect to see. The top five consist of:

  1. xQc
  2. buddha
  3. PENTA
  4. Kyle
  5. Zerkaa

All of the relevant data comes from Keep in mind that this data is only for English-speaking streamers. Otherwise, somebody like loud_coringa would be number one by a large margin.

The 5 most-watched GTA RP streamers back in september 2022

1) xQc

Every GTA RP player already knows who xQc is. In fact, most gamers outside of the Grand Theft Auto bubble already know who he is. xQc is one of the most famous gamers in recent years, so it’s no surprise that he dominates this scene. He can play any game and be at the top or near it just by virtue of his fame.

He’s quit and has been banned from NoPixel several times before, most notably talking about how NoPixel was going downhill back in July 2022. He still plays the game, with stating that the last time he played the game was back on July 31, 2022.

The main character most people would remember from him is Jean Paul, who is largely an extension of xQc’s own personality. Considering how beloved xQc is by his fans, it’s not surprising that many people have enjoyed watching his Jean Paul act.

Top 5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in September 2022 (English)

2) buddha

buddha is no stranger to these types of top five lists. Like xQc, buddha plays a variety of games, with GTA RP being the most prominent towards the latter half of July 2022 (whereas he mostly played Rust in the first half). His most notable character is Lang Buddha, and many of his videos easily get over 100K views under his recent broadcasts.

Lang Buddha is a narcissist with a short temper, yet he is also humorous enough to make his audience laugh at whatever he’s doing. He’s an astute businessman and has extensive business connections with other major roleplayers in NoPixel, so viewers can always count on seeing something interesting going on with him.


One thing that most GTA RP fans might remember about PENTA is when Pokelawls called him a leech on August 1, 2022. Pokelawls has since apologized. Like other famous streamers on this list, PENTA plays on the NoPixel server, with his most famous character being Randy Wrangler, a rather unpredictable cop.

It is worth noting that unlike the previous two spots on this list, PENTA only streams GTA RP, according to The next two streamers primarily play this game too, but they have mixed some other games into their streams, whereas PENTA didn’t.

4) Kyle

The vast majority of Kyle’s streaming time was dedicated to GTA RP in september 2022. There were a few other games like RDR2 and Oblivion mixed in, but most of his fans should recognize him for being Kyle in NoPixel. He’s played this character a bunch of times in several long streams back in september 2022, and the character itself far predates this month.

Kyle frequently streams with a character his fanbase loves, so it’s unlikely he will lose his spot in the top five for the most-watched English streamers anytime soon.

5) Zerkaa

Zerkaa has significantly more followers than Kyle, but he had fewer views as a whole in July 2022. Of course, he streams less often, so it’s still very impressive for him to rank this high compared to other streamers. For those curious, here are the five below him in terms of overall views:

  1. Anthony Z
  2. GTAWiseGuy
  3. TheChief1114
  4. Shotz
  5. Spaceboy

Zerkaa’s most famous GTA RP character is Tommy Tate, whom he still roleplays even in August 2022.

Top 5 most-watched GTA RP streamers in September 2022 (English)

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