GTA RP terms: what each one means

GTA RP terms: what each one means

GTA RP terms: what each one means

GTA RP terms: what each one means (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The term “Roleplay” comes from English and means “to play a role” – a title that already explains the whole theme of the Roleplay servers in GTA 5. In these servers, the user is not free to do whatever he wants as in the chaotic multiplayer of the traditional GTA Online mode.

Many GTA Roleplay terms are used by players as rules and punishments to avoid situations that are prohibited in the game, and thinking about this GTA RP Servers brought a short list of what each term means.

GTA RP or GTA 5 Roleplay (RP) is a mod with rules created by users. Grand Theft Auto for PC has a large community of mods that add new features to the game. Groups of players have used one of these mods to create a category, called “GTA 5 Roleplay,” in which they play the role of common characters from the city of Los Santos rather than the protagonists or criminals of GTA Online.

GTA RP Terms

Check out the most commonly used GTA RP Terms below and what each one means:

What do VDM and RDM mean in GTA RP

  • VDM: VDM stands for Vehicle Death Match. It is a bannable and kickable offense on most of the roleplaying servers. For example, VDM occurs when you hit someone with your vehicle for no valid reason. If you do not roleplay it out and solve the situation as per your created fictional character, you can be kicked from the server.
  • RDM: RDM stands for Random Death Match. This is also similar to VDM, but instead, it involves random players. RDM occurs when either you kill someone, or someone else kills you without any valid reason or roleplaying events leading up to it.

Other Terms GTA RP

  • EMS: EMS stands for Emergency Medical Service. You can use the EMS abbreviation to alert the players who are roleplaying doctors and medical staff to heal you during a serious illness or injury.
  • Metagaming: Metagaming is a term used to refer to the usage of real-life knowledge and tactics out of the RP world to influence your RP experience and, ultimately, the outcomes. It gives an added advantage to the player who resorts to metagaming, of course.
  • Powergaming: Powergaming is a term that is used to describe the usage of in-game mechanics, external information, or a roleplay concept that gives you an added advantage to your own story or roleplay character.
  • IC: IC stands for In Character. It means that whatever you type in chat while in the IC mode is written as the fictional character you are playing on the roleplay server.
  • OOC: OOC stands for Out Of Character. While you are in OOC mode, whatever you type in the chat is written as your real self and not the fictional roleplaying character on the server.

The above-stated abbreviations are just a few out of hundreds of abbreviations, including custom abbreviations, that are exclusive to most of the roleplaying servers.

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GTA RP terms: what each one means

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