GTA RP Vs GTA Online: 5 reasons why roleplaying is better

GTA RP Vs GTA Online: 5 reasons why roleplaying is better

GTA RP Vs GTA Online: 5 reasons why roleplaying is better

GTA RP Vs GTA Online: 5 reasons why roleplaying is better (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA RP and GTA Online are highly popular multiplayer modes for enjoying the Grand Theft Auto experience. It’s important to note that GTA RP is not a single game, but rather a collection of servers, each with their own distinct rules and features. This diversity among servers is a significant factor that sets them apart.

Choosing between roleplaying in GTA RP or playing GTA Online ultimately boils down to personal preference. However, this article will concentrate on the general advantages of GTA RP compared to Rockstar’s official multiplayer game, particularly in terms of immersive roleplaying experiences.

Five instances where GTA RP is better than GTA Online

1) Far more variety

As mentioned earlier in the article, it’s important to emphasize here that there is a vast number of GTA RP servers available, each offering distinctive rules, features, and community sizes that make them stand out from one another. If you find yourself dissatisfied with one server or face a ban, you have the flexibility to easily find and join another server.

In contrast, GTA Online is a singular game, meaning that if you dislike it or encounter a ban, you have limited options available, such as exploring roleplaying or even joining a non-roleplaying PvP server if you desire a multiplayer experience.

2) If you want to be a different character

Character arcs can go all over the place sometimes

Character arcs can go all over the place sometimes (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

GTA RP places a strong emphasis on immersive roleplaying, enabling players to craft their own narratives and engage in distinct interactions with other characters. Depending on the server and personal preferences, players can create a lighthearted and comedic backstory or delve into a darker and more sinister character background.

On the other hand, GTA Online features a silent protagonist who is primarily portrayed as a generic criminal with a predetermined backstory involving a relocation to Los Santos after interacting with Lamar. The game isn’t particularly renowned for its narrative, making it less appealing to those seeking an immersive experience, thereby leading them to prefer the roleplaying aspect of GTA RP.

3) Popularity on Twitch

Popularity on Twitch

An example of how popular some streamers are on Twitch (Image via Twitchmetrics)

GTA RP and GTA Online are both categorized under the Grand Theft Auto V tag on Twitch. However, it’s evident to anyone familiar with the platform that the former enjoys significantly greater popularity, to the extent that the comparison between the two isn’t even close. Viewers are captivated by watching streamers engage in roleplaying and accomplish extraordinary feats within Rockstar’s game.

In fact, the prevalence of roleplaying is a key factor that contributes to Grand Theft Auto V consistently being one of the most streamed games worldwide. While GTA Online still maintains its popularity, it may not be as intriguing for viewers to regularly watch someone else play compared to the immersive roleplaying experiences offered by GTA RP.

4) Number of players in a session

Number of players in a session

Some examples of various popular servers (Image via FiveM)

While GTA Online can accommodate up to 30 players in a single session, it pales in comparison to GTA RP servers that can host as many as 1,000 players simultaneously. This significant difference in player capacity creates a much more immersive and bustling experience in the latter game, which is particularly desirable for roleplaying, as interactions with numerous players enhance the overall enjoyment.

These servers attract a diverse range of participants, including popular streamers and casual gamers alike. For those seeking a community-driven experience, roleplaying servers are often the best choice. It’s worth noting that the popularity of GTA RP has remained relatively consistent for several years, even though the roleplaying phenomenon may have already reached its peak.

5) Certain features

5) Certain features

GTA RP often includes many interesting features completely absent in GTA Online, although this differs from a server-by-server basis. For example, some roleplayers can expect:

  • Inventories with items that have many different effects
  • Teleporting in some casual servers
  • Many unique interiors
  • Legal jobs
  • Gangs
  • A focus on law enforcement
  • Realism

Some servers are better than others when it comes to such features. GTA Online is often limited or completely lacking in these areas by comparison.

GTA RP Vs GTA Online: 5 reasons why roleplaying is better

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