GTA RP vs GTA Online: What should players know

GTA RP vs GTA Online: What should players know

GTA RP vs GTA Online: What should players know

GTA Online and GTA RP follow different storylines, as well as varying gameplay elements (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA RP and GTA Online are two popular multiplayer experiences, yet they’re significantly different concepts.

GTA Online is the official multiplayer game released by Rockstar Games. It was available on October 1, 2013, and has received numerous updates over the years. Predictably, this one difference is part of the reason why GTA RP and GTA Online are so different from one another.

By comparison, GTA RP isn’t a single entity. None of the GTA RP servers are made by Rockstar Games, yet some still attract thousands of players. As a result, some servers not only deviate significantly from GTA Online’s gameplay experience, but they also deviate from other GTA RP servers.

GTA RP vs. GTA Online: Differences players should know


NoPixel is an example of one GTA RP server (Image via Rockstar Games)

Both games are heavily tied to the GTA 5 engine. However, GTA RP has existed in other games in the series. Still, there are similarities between the two types of GTA games. Some GTA RP servers require the player to own a legal copy of GTA 5, and GTA Online is the same in that regard.

Both games also have players interacting with other real-life players in some capacity. Predictably, this often necessitates the player to have a functional Internet to connect with other gamers.

Also, both games still share the same core GTA features. GTA RP servers can vary significantly in this regard, but the popular servers still look familiar with the most basic features.

GTA RP vs GTA Online

How GTA RP deviates from GTA Online

The main difference between GTA RP and GTA Online is how players roleplay in each game. In the former, one can find some servers that heavily enforce roleplaying rules. In the case of GTA Online, there is no such distinction. Players can customize their protagonist in it, but roleplaying is nonexistent.

GTA fans can take a look at various FiveM servers to see some examples. Arab Souls is a popular server dedicated to Arabic people, making it noticeably different from another popular server like Lucid City RP. However, there are also unpopular servers, which might struggle to get over ten people online.

That’s not even mentioning RAGE GTA RP servers. Either way, some GTA RP servers require the player to be whitelisted to join. Naturally, this isn’t a factor in GTA Online.

There are thousands of GTA RP servers to check out, which means that GTA RP is constantly updated. GTA Online might get minor updates every week, but it doesn’t get the same major updates as frequently.

Some GTA RP servers differ drastically from one another when it comes to gameplay features. Inevitably, this makes the differences between GTA RP and GTA Online seem like night and day.

Roleplaying isn’t mandatory in all GTA RP servers. Some servers are laxer than others. However, the amount of roleplaying players can expect to do isn’t the only difference between the two games.

Basic features like getting Wasted or Busted differ from some servers to others. Likewise, drastic gameplay differences like teleporting can be present in some GTA RP servers.

GTA RP vs GTA Online: What should players know

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