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What is Metagaming in GTA RP?

Learn about the concept of metagaming in GTA RP, where players use out-of-character knowledge to influence in-game decisions, blurring the lines between reality and roleplay.

What is Metagaming in GTA RP

What is Metagaming in GTA RP? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Metagaming: In role-playing games, a player is metagaming when they use knowledge that is not available to their character in order to change the way they play their character (usually to give them an advantage within the game), such as knowledge of the mathematical nature of character statistics, or the statistics of a creature that the player is familiar with but the character has never encountered. In general, it refers to any gaps between player knowledge and character knowledge which the player acts upon.

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Demystifying Metagaming in RP: A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Metagaming? [A Beginner-Friendly Guide]

If you’re new to the world of gaming, you might have come across the term “metagaming” and wondered, “What is metagaming, and why does everyone seem to talk about it?” Fear not, as this beginner-friendly guide is here to shed light on this concept and provide you with a clear understanding of what Meta gaming entails in the realm of gaming. So, let’s embark on this journey to unravel the mysteries of metagaming using everyday words and simple explanations.

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