What will GTA 6 need to do to improve on the story mode from GTA 5

What will GTA 6 need to do to improve on the story mode from GTA 5

What will GTA 6 need to do to improve on the story mode from GTA 5

GTA fans have been making various demands regarding how the next game in the series should be made. Some want Rockstar to take inspiration from some of their existing works, while others want some changes adapted from competitors.

When it comes to story mode, Rockstar has a lot to learn from fan feedback regarding GTA 5. This article examines how GTA 6 can improve on its predecessor, taking cues from its single-player mode.

What will GTA 6 need to do to improve on the story mode from GTA 5

How GTA 6 can improve on GTA 5’s story mode

What are the features that make GTA 5 stand out from the franchise’s other offerings?

With its mammoth storyline encompassing all three of its characters, GTA 5 was a standout title in Rockstar’s franchise. And yet, it featured many components that derived complaints from the community.

GTA 5 attempted to create a story that could be called an amalgamation of the entire franchise. It had the jarring realism of GTA 4, the over-the-top ridiculousness of San Andreas, and the movielike narrative of Vice City. Ever since GTA 4 came out, Rockstar has seemingly been following a different, more ambitious direction.

The exaggerated action-oriented gameplay seen in the GTA and Red Dead series came to be replaced by a more grounded and realistic approach. The gritty and dark world of GTA 4 may have been more critically acclaimed, but it was GTA 5 that gained more commercial success.

However, the storyline was never the selling point for the game. What attracted players was the greater freedom over its prequel.

What will GTA 6 need to do to improve on the story mode from GTA 5

What were the flaws in GTA 5’s Campaign mode?

What made GTA 5’s story stand out were its characters, but it was also the reason behind its drawbacks. Michael, for example, is the most lifelike character, who is very relatable to the stereotypical modern man, but he’s not an everyman. He has some commendable traits as well as some glaring flaws, and that’s what makes him so convincing.

As mentioned above, the detailed characters are also the game’s weakness. Many players feel that the game would have benefitted from a single character instead of three. This way, it could have stayed on track throughout the story without any unnecessary deviations.

Players complained about a lack of direction at times, repetitive missions, and the absence of any real choice-based gameplay. They felt that the gameplay was not as innovative as some other ground-breaking games of the time.

The mission structure, which seemed to be brought over directly from the 3D Universe without undergoing any changes, felt outdated by 2013 standards.

What changes in Story mode would ensure a better player experience

One of the most obvious inspirations that Rockstar should take to create the next game would be their very own Red Dead Redemption 2. It nails the movie-like narrative that Rockstar had been striving for, but without feeling too restrictive at any point.

The Mafia franchise is another great example, which is also owned by Take-Two. However, Rockstar shouldn’t deviate greatly from their last game and should strive to maintain the direction they want with the GTA franchise. Some minor alterations inspired by the above-mentioned games should be enough to iron out all the creases in GTA 5’s story mode.

GTA 6 would also benefit greatly from implementing some of the features and mechanics from earlier GTA games. It should focus more on its protagonists, and center the storyline around them, all the while avoiding distractions that undermine the main plot.

One of the most appealing features in any open-world game is its game world. Hence, Rockstar should also focus on creating a large and convincing world for the next game before moving on to anything else.

Believably branched narratives, and an enhanced realism mechanic like Red Dead Redemption 2, have also been requested by many fans. As a result, these would serve as great additions as well.

What is perhaps most important is that they engage in community interactions. Nintendo, for example, has created some well-received games that would not have been possible without considering fan feedback. Rockstar should take the same route and listen to its fans for creating GTA 6.

What will GTA 6 need to do to improve on the story mode from GTA 5

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