How much is summit1g net worth?

How much is summit1g net worth?

How much is summit1g net worth?

How much is summit1g net worth? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Summit1g is a celebrated American Twitch streamer whose original name is Jaryd Russell Lazar. He gained prominence while playing a first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the teams named Mythic and A51. Currently, Summit1g is streaming games, such as GTA V, Elyon, Split Gate, etc., on Twitch.

What is the net worth of Summit1g?

American video game streamer Summit1g possesses around $2 million.

Our website has estimated Jaryd Russell Lazar or Summit1g’s net worth by approximating the payments he got from streaming games, YouTube, and other sources. Anyways, there is no evidence of his exact net worth on the internet or anywhere else where general people can access it.

How much does Summit1g make? According to leaked data, Summit1g was the third-highest earning streamer on Twitch between Aug. 2019 and Oct. 2021. He earned $5,847,541 from his streams alone, and likely made more from other means, including sponsorship deals and YouTube videos.

How much does Summit1g make from

Summit1g makes a vast amount of money from his Twitch account as he has a total of 5.9 million followers on this platform. Here, he earns money from subscribers, advertisements, and donations.

Currently, Summit1g has around 36 thousand subscribers on Twitch, and to subscribe, one has to pay 4.99 dollars. Besides, he gets up to 10 dollars ad revenue per 1000 viewers. In addition, Summit1g also accepts bitcoins from donors.

How much does Summit1g make from the YouTube channel?

Summit1g makes around 40 thousand dollars per year on average from his YouTube channel named Summit1g.

According to Social Blade, Summit1g opened his YouTube channel on 18 January 2013 for streaming gameplays. Currently, his channel has a total of 116 million views with 965 uploaded videos, which would bring an estimated 500 thousand dollars in total.

From the following website, it can be seen that Summit1g video contents get up to 60 thousand views per day on average which is worth 250 dollars. Besides, the number of views on his channel is growing every day, which is one kind of success for his channel.

What are the contents of the Summit1g YouTube channel?

Summit1g YouTube channel is one of the most famous gameplay channels on YouTube. He generally makes game streaming videos by playing GTA V, Elyon, etc. Besides, Summit1g sometimes comes in live to broadcast gameplay. In addition, his videos make around 70 thousand views.

How much is summit1g net worth?

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