How to do an Easy GTA 5 infinite money glitch

How to do an Easy GTA 5 infinite money glitch

How to do an Easy GTA 5 infinite money glitch

GTA 5 has numerous infinite money glitches and exploits that some players love to exploit.

The infinite money glitch in this article will give the player $25,000 per attempt. This trick’s main advantage is that it’s easy to perform, and it doesn’t take much time for a player to master it. If GTA 5 players are efficient, they can earn $25,000 in roughly 30 seconds. They can exploit this trick as long as they’d like.

GTA 5 has several expensive properties for players to purchase. The Los Santos Golf Club costs $150,000,000, which is far out of reach for most players. After the single-player campaign is over, GTA 5 players don’t have too many options to earn a ton of money quickly and efficiently.

Easy infinite money glitch in GTA 5

GTA 5 players can perform this trick by going to the Pacific Ocean, where a Hidden Package can be seen near an open vault on a shipwrecked vehicle underwater. It’s a briefcase that contains $25,000, so all a GTA 5 player has to do is collect it.

GTA 5 Infinite Money Glitch – Still Working in 2023!

However, there are some caveats if the player wishes to collect this briefcase an infinite amount of times. The trick goes like this:

  1. Go to the location.
  2. Create a new save file above the water.
  3. Dive and collect the briefcase.
  4. Return to the surface.
  5. Save over the recently created save file.
  6. Load the save file.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 until the player is done abusing this infinite money glitch.

Infinite money glitches in GTA 5

How to do an Easy GTA 5 infinite money glitch

Location Easy GTA 5 infinite money (Image via GTA RP Servers)

This particular infinite money glitch is only one example of how players can get virtually infinite money in GTA 5. It’s easy to execute, and the player earns a good chunk of money in a short amount of time.

infinite money tricks that GTA 5 players can take advantage of, but they’re not as efficient as this option. For comparison’s sake, GTA 5 players can also “earn” infinite money in the Paleto Score Setup (seen in the video below).

If the player has no ammo to shoot the alarm, they’re told to buy some ammo from an Ammu-Nation. However, if the player doesn’t have enough money to buy the ammo, the game will give the player just enough money to get some.

Essentially, the player has to invest an “infinite” amount of money into stocks. This method isn’t as impressive as the previous method, as the game only gives the player $500 each time.

However, this method doesn’t require the player to reload the game. Hence, GTA 5 players get the $500 instantly. Once the player has decided that they’ve purchased enough stocks, they can sell it all at the end of the mission.

Both infinite money glitches still work today. GTA 5 players can take advantage of either option depending on where they are in the game. Both methods’ “infinite money” is as large as the amount of time that the GTA 5 player chooses to invest.

If they only do it for a few minutes, they won’t earn as much as those who spend over an hour.

How to do an Easy GTA 5 infinite money glitch

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