How to Join Eclipse-RP Server Rage-MP

How to Join Eclipse-RP Server Rage-MP

How to Join Eclipse-RP Server Rage-MP

How to Join Eclipse-RP Server Rage-MP (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The Grand Theft Auto role-playing community has quickly grown over the last few years, in large part because of its presence on Twitch. Community members set up servers specifically meant for allowing players to role playing and having a good time.

However, getting involved in an area filled with new people can be a challenge for those without any prior knowledge. For that reason, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how you can get involved in a GTA RP server and some great ones you should look into.

What are GTA RP servers?

What are GTA RP servers

What are GTA RP servers? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Grand Theft Auto role-playing servers are dedicated arenas that let you choose who you want to be. Like any RPG, you can opt to be a petty criminal, police officer, businessman, and everything in between. While playing, you have the flexibility to take on whatever role you desire and write your own story in Los Santos. Luckily, with the community growing so much over the course of the last few years, there is a variety of different servers that will provide many experiences you would not normally see in an online game of Grand Theft Auto V.

How to Join Eclipse-RP Server

Different servers have different criteria to follow to join them. Sometimes you will need to download certain mods to even be eligible to join a server. The Eclipse RP server, on one hand, requires you to create a forum profile first. You can then join the Discord server, read a set of rules, and download a mod called RageMP Client.

Some other servers are not always open to new players either. Whitelisting becomes available every so often, or with specific requests such as donating to keep servers running, so you might need to shop around to find the right one for you or any that are looking for players.

How to Join Eclipse-RP Server Rage-MP

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