How to join SVRP GTA 5 RP server?

How to join SVRP GTA 5 RP server?

How to join SVRP GTA 5 RP server?

How to join SVRP GTA 5 RP server? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 RP is becoming a popular go-to game for streamers in India, with many active servers and a dedicated community. One of these is the Subversion RP (SVRP) server, which has quickly grown to be one of the most popular GTA 5 RP servers in India and its neighboring countries.

Given the rise of GTA 5 RP, roleplaying is seemingly becoming a mainstream obsession. Isolated servers (distinct from GTA Online) have been set up, where players are roleplaying their richly detailed characters.

This article dives into everything players need to know about joining the SVRP India/Pakistan server.

How to join SVRP GTA 5 RP server?

The process of joining the SVRP server is similar to any other major GTA 5 RP server. Firstly, players need a mod client that the specific server uses. Most popular servers use FiveM or RageMP to set up remote servers that are ideal for roleplaying purposes.

Subversion RP (SVRP) uses FiveM?

Yes! Subversion RP (SVRP) uses FiveM. Hence, players need to have FiveM and GTA 5 installed on their computers. They will also need to install TeamSpeak for voice communication. These are the basic requirements to join the server.

However, to get accepted on the server, players need to first register with the SVRP website and join their discord. After registration, they fill out an application form which contains questions about their character, like:

  • Their character’s details, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • How the character would react to certain situations.

Players must agree to other general rules that include but are not limited to mandatory roleplaying at all times, avoiding death-match and no power-gaming, etc.

The application process on SVRP India

The application form on the SVRP server is similar to that of NoPixel. There are some basic questions about the character they want to create. When signing up, players will be asked situation-based questions that require some thought. An example of such a question is: A rival gang downs you, and no one else is around? You hear your friends over the radio. What do you do?

The important thing that every applicant must remember is that the answers to these questions must be original. Server rules strictly enforce immersive roleplaying. Any answer that hints at a player potentially engaging in power-gaming or meta-gaming, for example, could be grounds for rejection.

How to join Subversion RP (SVRP) GTA 5 RP server?

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