How to make millions in GTA Online solo in 2023

How to make millions in GTA Online solo in 2023

How to make millions in GTA Online solo in 2023

How to make millions in GTA Online solo in 2023 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

In Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, the primary objective for players is to accumulate wealth, and every action they take is geared towards this goal. This pursuit of money is a continuous and arduous process where players can either collaborate or compete with each other to amass fortunes, ranging from millions to billions. To achieve financial success in the game, players engage in various activities such as heists, gunrunning, drug trafficking, and completing downloadable content (DLC) missions. These endeavors are vital milestones towards attaining a lavish lifestyle within the widely popular action-adventure game.

Despite the various money-making opportunities in GTA Online, not all activities on the game map offer equal financial rewards. As a result, players must prioritize and focus on the most lucrative options to maximize their earnings. To assist players in their quest to accumulate wealth in the game, there is an article available that outlines strategies for making millions in GTA Online as a solo player in 2023. This article provides guidance on high-paying activities such as VIP work, contact missions, and import/export businesses, along with tips on how to efficiently complete them for maximum profits.

Ways to make millions in GTA Online solo in 2023

GTA Online beginners can easily get confused and overwhelmed by the sheer number of icons on the map in 2023. Since businesses like Nightclubs, Cocaine Lockups, and the Celebrity Solutions Agency require a heavy initial investment, start by completing daily events.

In 2023, GTA Online Stash Houses and G’s Cache are two of the easiest to complete and most well-paying daily events. Along with this, you can also participate in multiplayer game modes like Deathmatches, Adversary Modes or invest in stock markets. However, DLC missions will be your consistent money maker before establishing businesses.

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC is considered one of the best solo-friendly campaigns in GTA Online. The DLC begins when Nervous Ron contacts the player and invites them to Liquor Ace, located in Blaine County, to initiate the first installment of the campaign, called The First Dose. This installment comprises six missions, each paying around $30,000, making it a highly lucrative opportunity for solo players.

Completing them will unlock the Acid Lab business through which you can earn over $100,000 in a few hours. Acid production time can also be reduced by activating a speed boost available once every day. Once the Acid Lab is fully upgraded, selling a full batch of acid generates a revenue of $335,200. As a result, selling an entire batch three to four times will make you your first million in GTA Online.

You should also play and repeat The Last Dose missions and Fooligan Jobs. These missions are simplistic in nature and pay around $50,000 each. Rockstar Games has also raised the payout for all Last Dose missions by 25%, so there is plenty of money to be made.

However, the Cayo Perico Heist is the best way to make millions in this game solo. It requires an initial investment of two million dollars, but you can recover that amount and make even more quickly. It takes about an hour and a half to complete, setup included, and its payout can reach up to four million dollars.

The best thing about the Cayo Perico Heist is that you can employ a unique approach in each repetition. This keeps the mission fresh and offers a different challenge each time.

Once you have sufficient money at your disposal, invest in businesses like Nightclubs or Arcades. These are some of the best ways to earn a lot of passive money in GTA Online.

How to make millions in GTA Online solo in 2023

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