How to play in SVRP server GTA 5 RP in 2023

How to play in SVRP server GTA 5 RP in 2023

How to play in SVRP server GTA 5 RP in 2023

How to play in SVRP server GTA 5 RP in 2023 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Subversion Roleplay India (SVRP India for short) is an Indian GTA 5 role-playing server. It is very popular in the Indian GTA role-playing community as Indian streamers like RakaZone Gaming play on it.

The SVRP server is like any other RP server where players make a character with a unique backstory and role-play them in the modded GTA 5 RP servers.

The SVRP server has strict rules and regulations to maintain immersion while role-playing, and breaking these rules will result in a ban or suspension from the server.

What is the SVRP server

The SVRP whitelisting process

Players need to be whitelisted on the SVRP server before they can start playing. The whitelisting process has two stages: application and interview.

1) SVRP Application

SVRP Application

SVRP Application (Image via

The SVRP whitelisting application can be found on their website. Create an account on the website and go to the whitelisting application.

The whitelisting application questionnaire is divided into two parts. The first half asks general questions like Discord ID, being a part of the SVRP Discord, experience in role-playing, a working microphone for voice chat and if the player has read the guidelines and subjective questions like what does role-play mean to the player.

The second half of the SVRP whitelist application requires players to answer questions as their GTA role-play character. They ask for the player’s character’s name and backstory, the player is asked hypothetical situations that need to be answered as their GTA roleplay character.

This part of the questionnaire should be done well. The character name and backstory given should be creative and original, as SVRP moderators reject many applications because they are uninteresting or unoriginal.

If the SVRP moderators accept the application, then a time slot will be given to the player for a personal interview on the SVRP Discord. If the application is rejected, another one can be submitted after a week.

2) Interview

Interview SVRP (Image via SVRP India Discord server)

Interview SVRP (Image via SVRP India Discord server)

The Interview will be conducted one-on-one with a moderator or a group of moderators on the SVRP Discord server.

The interview questions will range from basic GTA roleplay rules, server rules, situation handling, previous experience in role-playing, questions based on the application given, etc.

Once the interview is over, head over to the #interview-results section on the SVRP Discord to see the results.

Once the interview round is cleared, disconnect and reconnect the discord account linked to the SVRP website.

How to play in SVRP server

How to play in SVRP server and GTA 5 RP in 2023

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