Important GTA RP terms for beginners: VDM, RDM, and more

Important GTA RP terms for beginners: VDM, RDM, and more

Important GTA RP terms for beginners: VDM, RDM, and more

GTA RP beginners need to be well-versed with VDM and RDM (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA RP lets gamers be who they want to be in Los Santos. The modded multiplayer servers provide a brand new experience for players who have had their fill of Story mode and Online. There are numerous servers that are tailored to provide varying escapades.

However, every RP server has its own set of rules that need to be followed. Some are lenient towards minor infarctions whereas others are very strict and do not tolerate mindless killing. VDM (Vehicular Death Match) and RDM (Random Death Match) are two very important terms that beginners need to be well-acquainted with before jumping in.

Explaining VDM and RDM, and their impact in GTA RP

GTA Online gamers often see lobbies that resemble a warzone that is full of mindless killing. This is where RP distinguishes itself from other the game modes as it implies fully immersing one’s self in the character on the server.

The character may be a bank robber, a police officer, an everyday joe, and much more. Each and every action should be backed by roleplay.

Important GTA RP terms for beginners: VDM, RDM, and more


VDM or Vehicular Death Match is the act of using one’s vehicle to kill another player without backing it up with proper RP. Much like real-life, no one runs over others on the road because there are grave consequences that follow.


RDM or Random Death Match is very similar to VDM. It is when one player kills another using a weapon or their fists without backing it up with proper RP. Roleplay emulates real-life and that is why killing others without reason is not tolerated on most servers as it kills the essence of RP altogether.

Important GTA RP terms for beginners: VDM, RDM, and more

Do RDM and VDM result in bans on GTA RP servers?

There are many GTA RP servers and they differ from each other when it comes to the rules. One common rule for all servers, though, is upholding or prioritizing RP. This factors VDMs and RDMs quite a bit since both neglect roleplay completely.

Leniency is something that varies a lot from server to server. There are more pressing issues that require attention on an RP server and VDM is not one of them. However, if a player decides to just blindly VDM every player in sight, it is a big problem and will most likely result in a ban.

RDM, on the other hand, is a much more serious offense and admins do not take it lightly. Most newbies fall prey to this as they end up shooting someone in the face for no reason. It is only possible on Online but not on RP as there has to be a reason behind every action. Additionally, once a player dies, they cannot exact revenge on the killer as memories die with the character.

There are various punishments the admins can dole out for either VDM or RDM. The first instance is a warning where an admin comes in and speaks to an offender. The next is jail time, the duration of which depends on the punisher.

The gravest punishments are bans that can be either temporary or permanent. Depending on the crime and the player, admins can decide whether to temporarily ban a player (a day, two days, or maybe a week) or permanently ban them from the server. The latter doesn’t stop a player from playing GTA RP, it just makes a particular server unplayable.

Important GTA RP terms for beginners: VDM, RDM, and more

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