In-Character Meaning – GTA RP Terms

In-Character Meaning – GTA RP Terms

In-Character Meaning - GTA RP Terms

In-Character Meaning – GTA RP Terms (Image via GTA RP Servers)

In character, commonly abbreviated as IC, is a phrase used to refer to the state of being in the role of a role-playing character. It is the antonym of out of character (OOC), which refers to what happens outside the role-play.

What does “in character” mean?

(idiomatic, drama, role-playing games) Acting as the character, not as oneself. We were very in character, and the audience noticed. Does swimming alone late at night strike you as in character for Byrne?

GTA RP Rules

Explaining IC Term

IC stands for In Character. is a term used It means that whatever you type in chat while in the IC mode is written as the fictional character you are playing on the roleplay server.

IC Examples

IC stands for in-character. If you are in-game and using voice-chat or in-character text chat, you must roleplay the thoughts, feelings, and personality of your character at all times. You should never talk about your real life in voice-chat or in-character text chat under any circumstances. There are many commands to assist you in roleplaying.

These commands include but are not limited to /radio, /shout, /me, and /do. (Descriptions and uses of in-character and roleplay commands will be explained below.) Never use symbols, abbreviations or emojis in in-character chat. You should treat written chat as you would voice chat.

In-Character Meaning – GTA RP Terms

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