Is there going to be a GTA 6?

Is there going to be a GTA 6?

Is there going to be a GTA 6?

Is there going to be a GTA 6? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Fans have been collectively referring to the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise as “GTA 6.” It’s vital to note that Rockstar Games confirmed that a new game was in development, but not much was revealed past that. Even the name of the game hasn’t been announced yet.

It is understandable that many gamers are unbelievably hyped for the upcoming game. Likewise, players may have doubts regarding the status of the game if they don’t follow all of the recent news.

There will be a GTA 6, but nothing has been revealed except that it’s in development

The above tweet is an official confirmation of a new game in the GTA franchise. However, it is vital to reiterate that Rockstar Games hasn’t revealed much official information regarding the title. All that fans know right now is that the studio is working on the game.

This tweet was published on February 4, 2022, and months have rolled by without much news.

Information would be revealed on the Newswire

Rockstar stated that more information would be revealed on the Newswire, but there hasn’t been anything newsworthy since. There was only one major development for this upcoming title, which is shown in the following tweet.

Rockstar Games announced that they would be shifting focus away from Red Dead Online to put more resources into GTA 6. The decision wasn’t well-received by Red Dead fans, especially those who dislike how much attention GTA Online gets from Rockstar Games.

Unfortunately, not much else was revealed in the post about the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s the same deal as the previous official announcements pertaining to the game. Due to this lack of information, many gamers often resort to leaks to find out more.

Is there going to be a GTA 6?

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