List of GTA RP Basic Terms and Rules

Terms GTA RP: List of GTA RP Basic Terms and Rules

List of GTA RP Basic Terms and Rules

List of GTA RP Basic Terms and Rules – Terms GTA RP (Images via GTA RP Servers)

Every serious GTA RP player should know these basic roleplaying terms. There is an abundance of GTA RP servers, each with its own unique rules and expectations. Despite that, some words are more universal than others.

Hence, it’s in a player’s best interest to learn and understand at least some of the most widely-used terms. Most of these words have connotations in roleplaying many years before GTA RP became popular, so some of them might be familiar to older gamers.

Commonly-used roleplaying terms that GTA RP players should know

List of basic terms GTA RP

  • VDM: VDM stands for Vehicle Death Match. It is a bannable and kickable offense on most of the roleplaying servers. For example, VDM occurs when you hit someone with your vehicle for no valid reason. If you do not roleplay it out and solve the situation as per your created fictional character, you can be kicked from the server.
  • RDM: RDM stands for Random Death Match. This is also similar to VDM, but instead, it involves random players. RDM occurs when either you kill someone, or someone else kills you without any valid reason or roleplaying events leading up to it.
  • EMS: EMS stands for Emergency Medical Service. You can use the EMS abbreviation to alert the players who are roleplaying doctors and medical staff to heal you during a serious illness or injury.
  • Metagaming: Metagaming is a term used to refer to the usage of real-life knowledge and tactics out of the RP world to influence your RP experience and, ultimately, the outcomes. It gives an added advantage to the player who resorts to metagaming, of course.
  • Powergaming: Powergaming is a term that is used to describe the usage of in-game mechanics, external information, or a roleplay concept that gives you an added advantage to your own story or roleplay character.
  • IC: IC stands for In Character. It means that whatever you type in chat while in the IC mode is written as the fictional character you are playing on the roleplay server.
  • OOC: OOC stands for Out Of Character. While you are in OOC mode, whatever you type in the chat is written as your real self and not the fictional roleplaying character on the server.

List of abbreviations GTA RP

Here is a general list of abbreviations that GTA RP players should know:

  • EMS = Emergency Medical Services
  • ERP = Erotic Roleplay
  • FearRP = Fear Roleplay
  • FailRP = Failure at Roleplaying
  • IC = In Character
  • ICU = Intensive Care Unit
  • NLR = New Life Rule
  • NVL = No Value of Life
  • OOC = Out of character
  • RDM = Random Deathmatch
  • VCB = Visual Contact Broken
  • VDM = Vehicle Deathmatch

As far as the more vague abbreviations go, here is a short summarization:

  • FearRP: Players should fear for their character’s life as they would in real life.
  • NLR: Gamers must forget events that led to them being downed, killed, or otherwise incapacitated.
  • NVL: No Value of Life refers to when players don’t take their life into consideration when roleplaying unrealistically.


A player’s character doesn’t necessarily need to know everything that the player knows. If a gamer made their character have access to knowledge that wouldn’t make sense for them to have, then that’s an example of metagaming.

It’s especially notable in some popular streams. Metagaming allows other players to see what’s going on and potentially use that information to their advantage, which often ties to the next concept of powergaming.

List of basic terms GTA RP


Some people love to be on top and are willing to do whatever they want to get there. However, it can be frowned upon in a GTA RP server if a player consistently does this, as it heavily reduces the storytelling aspect of roleplaying.

This naturally leads to unfun roleplaying, defeating the goal of playing GTA RP over a traditional Grand Theft Auto game. Some powergamers will also use glitches and exploits to gain an advantage over other players. Alternatively, they might to do it less conspicuously.


This phrase should be familiar to anybody who follows Twitch and other similar websites. It’s essentially a term used when a player uses a streamer’s stream to gain an unfair advantage of knowing what’s currently going on with their character. It doesn’t necessarily have to be against big-name streamers, either as streamsniping can affect streamers who are not well-known as well.

Players can get banned and kicked for failing to roleplay properly

Not all GTA RP servers are heavy into roleplaying, but the ones that do are far more likely to kick or ban a player from entering the server again. The frequency of these kicks and bans vary from server to server, but it’s generally pretty obvious as to what will constitute action being taken against the player.

Knowing these basic terms should at least help novice players avoid common mistakes regarding roleplaying.

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List of GTA RP Basic Terms and Rules

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