5 memorable features Grand Theft Auto games that should return to GTA 6

5 memorable features Grand Theft Auto games that should return to GTA 6

5 memorable features Grand Theft Auto games that should return to GTA 6

5 memorable features from old Grand Theft Auto games that should return to GTA 6 (Imagem via GTA RP Servers)

There is no shortage of great features from over a dozen Grand Theft Auto games that should return in GTA 6. However, it is vital to mention that nothing has been confirmed about the next game in the series.

Still, most fans call it GTA 6, so this article will refer to it as such. Similarly, no known features are known to return to the game. This listicle largely serves as a reminder of some great features that newer fans might not know.

Five fun features from older Grand Theft Auto titles that should appear in GTA 6

1) Online play

A few Grand Theft Auto games have had online multiplayer, with GTA Online being the most notable example in recent years. While the game does receive updates regularly this year, it’s worth mentioning that it’s still a 2013 title (and is thus much older than one might think).

Regardless of what one might think of Rockstar’s history with online multiplayer games, there’s no denying that there is a huge market for that genre. Something like GTA 6 Online would inevitably be a huge success.

5 memorable features Grand Theft Auto

2) Cheat codes

Every single-player Grand Theft Auto game has cheat codes. Thus, it’s logical to assume that GTA 6 will also keep this feature intact. The only downside to including this feature would be any potential gamebreaking bugs, but that’s easily avoidable if the player saves the cheat codes for the post-game.

Otherwise, cheat codes would be a fun way to mess around in GTA 6. Anything ranging from the old-school “Play as” codes to something simplistic like spawning a specific vehicle would suffice.

3) More in-depth melee options

There are two old Grand Theft Auto games with excellent melee combat relative to other titles in the series:

  • San Andreas
  • IV

The former game has several different fighting styles that players can learn from a gym, giving them an incentive to visit these locations. By comparison, the second game had the most in-depth melee combat in the entire series.

That amazing combat system was toned down in Grand Theft Auto V. While GTA 6 fisticuffs don’t need to last for a few minutes, it would be much more enjoyable if the combat didn’t last for two to three punches.

5 memorable features Grand Theft Auto

4) More safehouses

While saving everywhere is greatly appreciated, the lack of safehouses in Grand Theft Auto V meant that players didn’t have much garage space. That’s unfortunate in situations where there are many fun vehicles worth storing.

It would be nice if GTA 6 had more safehouses to offset that. Even something similar to GTA Online having a bevy of garages associated with its businesses would also be fine, just as long as there is more space to store the game’s multitude of vehicles into it.

5) Recruiting gang members

There are two main instances in the Grand Theft Auto franchise where players could recruit gang members to accompany them:

  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

However, the first game required 100% completion, and it’s only for a few guys in the Vercetti Estate. Thus, it’s something that most never get to try out. Most old-school gamers should be familiar with San Andreas and how they were able to recruit a number of GSF members based on their Respect level.

Their AI wasn’t very good, but GTA 6 is expected to have significantly better AI by comparison. Ergo, it would be interesting to see this old feature return in a modern setting, especially since gangs are almost always relevant to this series.

5 memorable features Grand Theft Auto games that should return to GTA 6

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