5 best racetrack mods for GTA 5 FiveM in 2022

5 best racetrack mods for GTA 5 FiveM in 2022

5 best racetrack mods for GTA 5 FiveM in 2022

GTA 5 FiveM servers let players race each other (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 has been entertaining fans for almost a decade. A game to be relevant so many years after launch is unheard off. Grand Theft Auto 5 owes that to its Online mode and the modded RP servers. RP servers let gamers roleplay as whomever they want. The world of roleplay is vast and virtually limitless.

Gamers can do whatever they want on an RP server as long as they choose to back it up with proper roleplay. Races are very common on these servers. Over the years, the races created by Rockstar have become repetitive and bland. There are gamers who create races in-game, but the modded ones are better.

This article talks about the best racetrack mods compatible with FiveM servers.

mods for GTA 5 FiveM in 2022

Top 5 racetrack mods for GTA 5 FiveM in 2022

5) Harugahara (Drift)

Racing enthusiasts in GTA 5 RP always find an excuse to burn rubber on tracks. This mod by kpowka brings the infamous Harugahara track from Assetto Corsa to FiveM servers. The track, designed to look like a Touge, has gained a massive fan following over the years. It is built into a valley between mountains.

The claim to fame for the earliest Touge drivers was drifting through mountain passes, and this track has been designed keeping that in mind. It features many sudden turns and esses. Driving through this without drifting is no fun. The guard rails are being worked on now, and light shafts will be added soon. Harugahara has over 10k downloads.

4) Shibuya

Racing and car fanatics are also huge fans of the Fast and Furious movies. The fast cars, high-speed chases, burning rubber, and white smoke just add so much excitement. Fans who remember the Tokyo Drift movie will love this one. This mod by ryanm2711 brings the streets from Shibuya into .

The famous scene with Sean, Han, and DK drifting through a crowded crossing was filmed here. Drifting is a phenomenon that is very popular among car enthusiasts in the game. The narrow streets opening into wide crossings on this map are perfect for both beginners and experts.

mods for GTA 5 FiveM in 2022

3) Driver’s Paradise Remastered

Races can be classified into many categories. They can be split up based on terrain, cars, time of day, driving style, etc. Each type has its own popularity and following within GTA 5. Drag, sprints circuit, offroad, and drift races are some of the loved variants. But there are very few maps that feature a great mix of all of these.

This mod by BlueJeansGamer brings every race type into the fold. It can all be used at one go or separately. The mod looks breathtaking, too, and the detail on the foliage and scenery are top-notch. It features curvy and fast Touge tracks, long straights, narrow city streets, etc. There are a few pre-requisites for this mod, but once it starts working, there’s no looking back.

2) Kush Drift

Another breathtaking mountain pass drift track makes it onto the list. The Kush Drift mod by xXKushXx features a Touge-styled track. The track is quite long and has incredible curves, flowing corners, etc. Being a Touge, it is set in a mountain pass.

This GTA track is quite fun to drift on, but it is fun no matter what the driving style. The elevation at some points on the track really shows off the work put into this masterpiece. There are hairpin turns, long esses, and even fast straightaways.

The video above showcases an immensely talented driver drifting through the entire course in one go. The map also features a two-story car park that can be used for car meets. It also houses a figure-8 practice area.

1) Le Mans Circuit

OG racing fans who watch and follow Formula 1 are very well acquainted with the Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans track. This translates to the 24 hours Le Mans circuit. It gets its name due to the 24-hour Le Mans auto race held here. The video above shows famous GTA car fanatic Broughy1322 take a go at it.

The mod has been designed by halfdead and is completely FiveM compatible. This is a real race where skills come into play. The technically designed track from France features long straightaways and tight corners. GTA Drivers should be quick and precise on this one. The mod also features a pit stop with working fuel pumps and beautiful scenery around the track.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

5 best racetrack mods for GTA 5 FiveM in 2022

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