Rockstar reportedly working on new game besides GTA 6

Rockstar reportedly working on new game besides GTA 6

Rockstar reportedly working on new game besides GTA 6

Rockstar’s silence is deafening, and fans are really getting impatient now (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The GTA 6 leaks and the rumor mill are at it again, having already been pumping out new pieces of information each day. This time, it is about a new game other than Grand Theft Auto 6 that Rockstar Games is working on.

It comes from a trustworthy insider, Chris Klippel, who thinks there’s a massive announcement around the corner.

Since February 4, Rockstar hasn’t said anything about the upcoming GTA title. There has also been a bucket load of fake news and rumors, including trailers and ads.

There have been no mentions of teasers, trailers, screenshots, or anything on that front, and fans are beginning to lose it. Maybe this leak will turn out to be accurate and calm their nerves a bit, but who knows?

Note: The article talks about a supposed leak from an insider. Reading ahead with a grain of salt is highly advised. It also showcases the views and opinions of the writer.

Rockstar reportedly working on new game besides GTA 6

Rockstar reportedly working on new game besides GTA 6

This was a tweet made by Chris Klippel on the night of May 31, and it has garnered quite a few reactions since then. The tweet translates to:

“Obviously, an announcement is preparing. I don’t know yet when or what it will concern, but it would be ‘a new project.’ It can happen relatively quickly.”

Starting strong, Chris says ‘obviously’ a big announcement is on the way. This may imply that it will be massive as nothing substantial came out of the earnings call.

It may also imply that it is almost time for the Summer Update in the GTA-verse, and there might be some good news. Chris then quickly lets fans know that he doesn’t quite know when the news will drop and what it will be about. This is quite contradictory as the first few words were very strong.

But the leaker mentions ‘a new project’ and says ‘it can happen relatively quickly.’ Both these phrases help quite a bit in determining what the news will be about.

Most fans are sure that Rockstar has assigned most of its crew to the development of GTA 6. That being said, they still don’t know when to expect the game.

Rockstar has not released a new title since RDR 2 in 2018, and it has surfed the wave of remasters ever since. The Definitive Edition Trilogy came out first, and Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S followed.

The above response to Chris’ tweet translates to:

“Too early to announce GTA 6, and it’s the only game in production we know. So a remake/remaster of a game, RDR or GTA 4, for example.”

Leaks in the past have also pointed towards possible remasters of not only GTA 4 but also Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Online fans are pretty upset since there has been no noteworthy update for almost a year. Save Red Dead Online campaigns are still running in full swing.

Similarly, the leak about Liberty City being added to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 also seems far-fetched, but a remaster of Niko’s escapades can’t be ruled out. Three titles before it got remastered (what an L that was), so fans wouldn’t be crazy to assume GTA 4 is next on the list of remasters.

Rockstar is even teaming up with Remedy to remaster the original Max Payne games.

With Rockstar, fans can’t tell what’s coming, thanks to their secrecy. However, a realistic announcement regarding Six or a new game should be dropped soon to ensure fans don’t begin jumping ship.

Rockstar reportedly working on new game besides GTA 6

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