New GTA 6: Breaking Records of Hype!

New GTA 6: Breaking Records of Hype!

After a decade of anticipation, Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the much-awaited new chapter of Grand Theft Auto. Surprisingly, even before showcasing an official video or image, the game is already smashing records!

GTA 6 broke a record on Twitter even before its release

Rockstar Games’ President, Sam Houser, tweeted history. It became the most liked and viewed gaming tweet ever! Over a million likes and an astonishing 75 million views in just five hours. And the buzz keeps growing: it’s now at 1.5 million likes and 178 million views.

And GTA 6 isn’t stopping there. Along with breaking this record, it also claimed the second, third, and fourth spots. Video leaks, announcements of the game’s development… a true frenzy!

The gaming community is incredibly excited even after so long since the last GTA release. Just the game’s trailer announcement shattered the record for the most-liked gaming tweet. It demonstrates how this series still resonates with players and how these games always bring joy.

The success of GTA 6 not only shows the longing for new adventures but also how these games shape the modern entertainment landscape. This franchise has led the majority of the most-liked tweets about gaming. Impressive, isn’t it?

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