New GTA 6 leak claims game is set in Brazil: Is it credible?

New GTA 6 leak claims game is set in Brazil: Is it credible?

New GTA 6 leak claims game is set in Brazil: Is it credible?

Rockstar Games have featured Brazil before in Max Payne 3 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

new GTA 6 leak, courtesy of Brazilian leaker Matheus Victor, has been going around the internet. The leak features all sorts of details, including storyline, setting, and features. One of the most interesting pieces of information that stands out the most is the game’s supposed location.

The next GTA title will reportedly be set in Vice City, with a ton of other areas based on Brazil, Cuba, and Colombia. However, some fans doubt the authenticity of the leak because if a leak seems too good to be true, it’s most likely not true.

If a leak has too many details, then it’s even more of an obvious fake. Keeping that in mind, can this latest leak be trusted at all? At the moment, it seems much wiser not to believe it, and here are the reasons why.

New GTA 6 leak says game will feature Brazil

Official information on the game

So far, there hasn’t been any official information on GTA 6 other than that it exists and is in development. Some of the most trusted figures in the GTA community, like Tez2, haven’t leaked much about the game either, apart from an announcement prediction that came true.

Regardless of how genuine they appear to be, fans shouldn’t believe anything they read about the game. Matheus Victor hasn’t shown any major signs, yet that would suggest he’s unreliable. However, the most recent leak reveals too much about a game that has been kept under wraps for a considerable amount of time.

This is unusual because such detailed leaks don’t appear even when the game is just a few days away from release. Meanwhile, GTA 6 hasn’t received an official reveal or trailer, let alone a release date. In this case, it can be safely assumed that this leak is a hoax or that the leaker unknowingly believed a false claim from a source.

What has Matheus Victor revealed?

The more detailed a leak becomes, the more skeptical the approach should be towards it. Matheus Victor recently revealed several major pieces of information about the upcoming GTA title, bit by bit. He mentioned a few tracks that the in-game radio stations would play and that the game is set in the modern era.

He then revealed that the game’s prologue is set in 2003, in a place based on Brazil. He also stated that the protagonists are a brother-sister duo whose parents get killed by a cartel in Brazil, after which they move to the States. When it seemed that the leak couldn’t get any more detailed, he also revealed how the story would progress.

The male sibling would join a government organization based on the DEA, while the female sibling would infiltrate the cartel, both having set out for revenge. He then mentioned that the in-game military would be using some futuristic equipment too.

As mentioned before, it’s best not to buy into any of these alleged GTA 6 leaks. As some of the more reliable sources in the industry have stated, leaks that seem too good to be true are indeed untrue.

Many such leaks have been popping up lately, and there’s no doubt there will be more to come. It is up to fans to keep their excitement in check as they await an official reveal from Rockstar Games.

New GTA 6 leak claims game is set in Brazil: Is it credible?

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