New GTA 6 Vice City teaser in GTA Online

New GTA 6 Vice City teaser in GTA Online

New GTA 6 Vice City teaser in GTA Online

New GTA 6 Vice City teaser in GTA Online (GTA RP Servers)

GTA Online players think they’ve discovered new GTA 6 teaser hidden in the new update, further hinting at a return to Vice City.

The infamous GTA 6 development gameplay leaks from 2022 confirmed that the series would be returning to Vice City, and it seems like Rockstar Games is playing into this with a new event.

Although GTA VI has yet to be officially announced, the developers have indicated that development is going well and the unfortunate hack hasn’t resulted in a delay.

As fans anxiously await a rumored trailer, Rockstar has apparently teased the upcoming game by paying tribute to the book “Miami Taxi Vibes,” with the Florida location existing in GTA as Vice City.

GTA Online players spot possible GTA 6 teaser

In a post on Twitter, Rockstar specialist ‘Gaming Detective’ noted the similarities between GTA Online’s Taxi Work logo and the big “Miami Taxi Vibes.”

Both logos feature the city’s skyline, leading some players to suspect that the game taxi company will exist in GTA 6.

“Could be nothing, but it’s a very interesting coincidence considering we also just got the cab shirt everyone had been speculating about,” the user commented.

The shirt in question, named ‘Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar,’ features a city that some players suspect to be Vice City or another location in the upcoming game such as Port Gellhorn.

Considering how Vice City is a stand-in for Miami in the GTA franchise, it’s certainly possible that this is a nod from Rockstar about the next installment, but we’ll have to see what the future holds.

With a trailer expected to finally be shown off later this year, fans are growing impatient for some official news from Rockstar.

New GTA 6 Vice City teaser in GTA Online

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