New rumors are spread about the release of ‘GTA 6’

New rumors are spread about the release of ‘GTA 6’

New rumors are spread about the release of 'GTA 6'

New rumors are spread about the release of ‘GTA 6’ (Image via GTA RP servers)

The internet may be worldwide, but the buzz a la the small town of the interior does not change. The potocas feed the forums, and the assiduous fans exchange information. In September 2022, a hacker attack leaked videos that confirmed that a “GTA 6” was in production.

Rockstar Games has since not commented on the matter, nor has it confirmed a reveal or release date. But ignoring the gossip didn’t make it any smaller. Thus, fans are eager for any new information about the release, so the rumors do not stop.

New buzz on the internet points out that at the next event of the company Take-Two Interactive, distributor of the game, which will take place on May 17, new information about the franchise may be released. The expectation for official information is great.

The protagonist of ‘GTA 6’

According to the leaked videos of “GTA 6”, although they are not a final version of the game, they can point out important details of the game. So far, there is a great possibility that the protagonist of the plot is in the hands of a female character, something unheard of for the games of the franchise.

However, it may be that it is a perspective option, since in the same videos you can see a man as a playable character. So that’s an open question.

The protagonist of 'GTA 6'

The protagonist of ‘GTA 6’ (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Other details

In addition to the possibility of a new female protagonist, another detail that caught the eye about the new “GTA 6” is the size of the map.

Although the leaked videos do not show the characters exploring the entire scenario, it is possible to realize that the new map may be almost twice the size of the region of “GTA 5”.

Ultimately, it’s all rumors and speculation until Rockstar Games makes an official statement. Although the videos that have been leaked are in fact from the production company, it is not possible to say that it is the final version. It’s up to fans to speculate and wait.

Despite this, the wait should be almost over, as the last “GTA” was released ten years ago, marking a record hiatus from the franchise. So maybe more official information should be released very soon.

New rumors are spread about the release of ‘GTA 6’

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