Will there be Shark Cards in GTA 6?

Will there be Shark Cards in GTA 6?

Will there be Shark Cards in GTA 6?

Microtransactions are the norm in modern video games (Image via Rockstar Games)

Very little is known about GTA 6, yet players shouldn’t be surprised to see microtransactions again. With that being said, the concept of spending real money on Shark Cards is understandably despised.

However, it’s a necessary evil that makes the game ultimately free for everybody who owns it. Popular online multiplayer games usually include paid DLC content or premium subscriptions.

In this case, having this feature is preferable to some players as opposed to paying for access to new content. Shark Cards have been a controversial aspect of GTA Online, but its success almost guarantees that it will return in some capacity for GTA 6’s online equivalent.

Will there be Shark Cards in GTA 6?

GTA 6 might have Shark Cards

It really depends on the game’s online mode

Given the major success of multiplayer games in general, it’s highly likely that GTA 6 will have its own sequel to GTA Online. Leaks suggest that it will also have single-player DLC content. It’s clear that Rockstar wants players to pay extra for this game so they can keep it alive.

Of course, there is a difference between DLC and microtransactions. However, the main point is that Rockstar is looking to make a lot of money with GTA 6. If players are more than willing to spend their hard-earned cash, then it wouldn’t be surprising to see the return of Shark Cards.

Technically speaking, one can argue that microtransactions may not appear in the base GTA 6. However, it certainly will for a theoretical GTA Online 2. Rockstar is a business whose primary goal is to make a profit. The player experience is only secondary to what they want to achieve.

Shark Cards in GTA 6

Like it or not, Shark Cards generate a huge profit

The main appeal of microtransactions like Shark Cards is that they allow players to skip the grinding process. For some, paying a few hundred dollars is a much better investment of their time than spending hours grinding the same activity over and over again.

This isn’t entirely conjecture, either, since GTA Online makes millions of dollars every year. The base game is not that expensive to purchase, which means Rockstar Games is making far more on Shark Cards.

With that in mind, there is no shortage of dolphins and whales. They would gladly fork over hundreds to thousands of dollars for something like GTA 6. That’s not even mentioning the number of people willing to buy GTA+, which is much cheaper than Shark Cards.

How will this affect GTA 6?

If the rumors are proven correct, then players should expect a single-player campaign or DLC content. At the very least, players can avoid the multiplayer experience altogether. This is where Shark Cards will likely find their way into the game and make it “pay to win.”

Players can only speculate on the future of this series. However, given the successful business model of microtransactions, they will have to expect the worst. Most of the community may despise Shark Cards, but many spend money on them.

One can only hope that Rockstar gives single-player campaigns the same love as multiplayer ones. It remains to be seen if that will be the case.

Will there be Shark Cards in GTA 6?

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