Should GTA 6 focus more on science fiction and the supernatural?

Should GTA 6 focus more on science fiction and the supernatural?

Should GTA 6 focus more on science fiction and the supernatural?

GTA 6 might have more sci fi and supernatural elements (Images via GTA RP Servers)

The entire gaming community is waiting for GTA 6 to be released, and the wait is becoming unbearable for many. Due to this, there has been an increase in the number of rumors and leaks that have been circulating around this highly anticipated game.

Most of the popular rumors about this upcoming game are majorly about its narrative or gameplay. But fans have no information regarding the type of genre the game might focus on.

Even though most GTA games fall under the Adventure Crime-Drama genre, the franchise has a healthy dose of science fiction and supernatural elements, which are, most of the time, presented as hidden easter eggs.

Should GTA 6 focus more on science fiction and the supernatural?

Reimagining GTA 6 with more science fiction and supernatural elements

Science fiction

The GTA series has arguably more science fiction elements than supernatural, especially if players focus more on GTA 5 and GTA Online. For example, players can already buy futuristic weapons and cars and use them in the game.

It should be noted that these science-fiction weapons and vehicles do not break the game, but still, many fans do find it pretty unfair when players constantly use them to annoy other players. The Oppressors MKII in GTA Online, which are futurist flying bikes, are mostly used by griefers to annoy other players.

If Grand Theft Auto 6 ever introduces more science fiction elements into its gameplay, developers will have to take into account how they work in harmony with other normal elements.

But interestingly, the science fiction elements in Grand Theft Auto 5 are more memorable and fun. For example, the scene where Michael is hallucinating that he is abducted by aliens is probably one of the strangest moments in the game.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 will most likely remain a crime adventure game, having more science fiction elements, if implemented correctly, will only enhance the gaming and narrative experience.


Supernatural elements might be more tricky to implement than science fiction elements, as most of the time, they are relegated to easter eggs rather than something that actually impacts the narrative of Grand Theft Auto games.

But again, just like the science fiction elements, if Grand Theft Auto 6 uses supernatural elements in moderation, they might work.

This can be clearly seen with the Halloween Update, which was released for Grand Theft Auto Online last year, and was loved by the majority of the Grand Theft Auto Online community. Jolene Cranley’s ghost on Mount Gordo was an infamous supernatural easter egg that is still discussed among Grand Theft Auto 5 players.

Supernatural elements might be difficult to have in Grand Theft Auto 6, but the developers could also find creative ways to use supernatural elements in the story or the gameplay.

Just like its previous titles, Rockstar Games should use elements of the two genres to enhance its gameplay, as having futuristic weapons can be fun to use and supernatural mysteries will keep the game more enthralling and entertaining.

Further, Grand Theft Auto 6 is known for providing players with an imitation of the contemporary world rather than a science fiction or supernatural world, so it would not make sense for Grand Theft Auto 6 to suddenly become a genre piece.

Even if Rockstar Games want to use supernatural or science fiction qualities in their game, they should either make a Grand Theft Auto spin-off game or a whole new series that purely focuses on these two amazing genres.

Should GTA 6 focus more on science fiction and the supernatural?

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