Explanation of the term RDM in GTA 5 RP

Explanation of the term RDM in GTA 5 RP

Explanation of the term RDM in GTA 5 RP

RDM stands for a Random Death Match [Image via GTA BOOM]

GTA RP is a world in its own right and gamers love to dive in for immersion. It is like leading a second life. However, Grand Theft Auto Role Play isn’t very welcoming towards newer players willing to go for a dip.

There are many given rules, terms, and other stuff RP assumes players should know. Servers differ as some are lawless and chaotic and others are stricter. In servers, several terms and abbreviations are commonly used. One such abbreviated term is RDM. More on that below.

What does RDM mean in GTA RP?

Explanation of the term RDM in GTA 5 RP

To begin with, RDM means Random Deathmatch. A Random Death Match occurs when a player kills another player without anything leading up to it and also doesn’t follow it up with RP.

This may sound confusing to newer players in RP. Let’s clear it up. GTA RP has special modded servers that are customized for players to role play. Some people have a character in mind and follow that trajectory. On the other hand, some players are themselves. Servers like this are present in abundance and they all have their rules and regulations. As stated above, a few are lawless and chaotic like GTA Online whereas some are more controlled and resemble real life.

Players in GTA Online do not have to face consequences for killing other players without reason. In RP, servers can perma ban players if the kill is not backed up with a good story or RP.

After killing another player without reason, the suspect has a few options. One is to face the music and probably get banned. The other option is to back up the kill with a solid story and roleplay. The latter rarely happens as most players are quite unhinged when it comes to RP.

How common is RDM?

RDMs in GTA RP are very rare as on most servers it is a bannable offense if not backed by good RP. Therefore, if gamers think RP is much like Online, that’s not the case. Inexperienced players should always try to avoid RDMs as experienced players can use it as bait to get the newbie banned. Experienced RP players can slip out of such situations as they know the ropes well enough. If killing people is what floats a gamer’s boat then playing GTA Online is perfect. RP has consequences for everything and almost every action can be questioned. There are specific rules on specific servers. There is a clear line distinguishing the two. Choose wisely.

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Explanation of the term RDM in GTA 5 RP

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